• Tucson Finds: Faceted Green Apatite Crystal

      for physical and energetic release

      <p>Green apatite crystal activates the Heart <a href="https://www.sagegoddess.com/what-is-a-chakra/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Chakra</a>, your center of love and compassion. If you’re looking to set healthier goals and want some crystal support as you start your journey to a better life, this gem is your ally!</p>
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    • Green Apatite Palm Stone

      for wellness and healthy living

      Let go of anything weighing you down with this Green Apatite Palm Stone from Madagascar. Green apatite is a potent stone for wellness that activates the Heart Chakra, supports healthy weight loss, and regulates metabolism. It also supports you in releasing what’s holding you back...
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    • Balanced Metabolism Green Apatite Sphere

      for wellness

      It’s so important to look after our physical bodies during our lives here on Earth. So if you need a little help staying focused and committed to your goals for healthy living, this Balanced Metabolism Green Apatite Sphere is the offering for you. It was...
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    • Total Wellness Green Apatite Flame

      for healthy habits

      Embrace healing on all levels with this stunning Total Wellness Green Apatite Flame — a mesmerizing crystal with a brilliant green hue that radiates powerful energy and vibrancy. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this green apatite flame is a potent stone for wellness, comprised mainly...
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