• Citrine Generator

      for manifestation, abundance & success

      <p>Citrine is a powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone. This offering features real, untreated Brazilian citrine, which is almost impossible to find nowadays.</p>
    • AAA-Grade Natural Blue Amblygonite

      for focus & calm

      <p>This AAA-Grade Natural Blue Amblygonite helps you create space between your thoughts. Amblygonite generally inspires peace, enhances focus, and nurtures the spirit. It also carries high vibrational healing energies to ease stress and balance emotions.</p>
    • Bismuth Crescent Moon

      for focus and clarity

      <p>Unlock the door to otherworldly knowledge with this custom bismuth moon. In the shape of a crescent moon, this crystal also connects powerfully with healing and compassion.</p>
    • Protection Actinolite Pendulum

      for psychic safety

      Stay energetically safe and shielded during your divination rituals with this Protection Actinolite Pendulum! Actinolite is the most powerful mineral for psychic protection that you can work with next to aegirine. Enchanting and rare, actinolite is a deeply grounding and healing stone that prevents psychic...
    • Mini Blue Amblygonite Focused Thoughts Generator

      Is your mind running on overdrive? Take a deep breath and enter a state of balanced calm with this Mini Blue Amblygonite Focused Thoughts Generator. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this generator is carved from blue amblygonite — a calming gem of peaceful communication. Blue...
    • Polished Citrine Abundance Point

      for money magic

      Get your money mojo flowing with this Polished Citrine Abundance Point! This natural polished point promotes powerful manifestation and wealth. Citrine is known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it brings luck and prosperity to business. Citrine gets its vibrant hue from traces of iron, which...
    • Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Star

      for celestial knowledge

      Call on otherworldly knowledge with this NEW Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Star. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and I’m SO excited to share it with you – I’ve had bismuth in my Live Gem and Mineral Sales, but this is the first time...
    • Bismuth Anatomical Heart

      for clarity and higher wisdom

      <p>This stunning piece is flat on one side, with an open cavity that reveals the bismuth’s natural shape as it goes through this process. Bismuth transmits multiple frequencies from other dimensions that can channel almost any information or wisdom you seek.</p>
    • Natural Yellow Sphene

      for memory, recall, and mental focus

      I’m so excited to share this incredible Natural Yellow Sphene with you for the first time ever! This gem from Pakistan is brand new to Sage Goddess, and this may be the only time that I’m able to offer it. Yellow sphene is incredibly rare...
    • Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Heart

      for clarity and focus

      Are you looking for clarity and higher wisdom? This custom-made Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Heart is perfect for the job! Bismuth is a naturally occurring metalloid on the periodic table, but it gains its rainbow of colors through a process of melting and refining. It’s a...
    • Flame of Abundance Heat-Treated Citrine Ring

      Harness the energies of expansion and fruition with this Flame of Abundance Heat-Treated Citrine Ring, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This gold-plated .925 sterling silver ring features an adjustable band and a rustic bezel-set heat-treated citrine. Citrine is a powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone....
    • Tumbled Silver Topaz

      for setting clear intentions

      Bring truth and clarity to your spiritual practice with this Tumbled Silver Topaz. Silver topaz, also known as white or clear topaz, is a colorless form of topaz that activates the Crown Chakra and helps in clarifying intentions and aligning them with Source energy. It...
    • Path of Joy Fluorite Hummingbird Sphere

      for soul work

      Spread your wings and let your spirit SOAR with this Path of Joy Fluorite Hummingbird Sphere! I adore fluorite — this gem reveals your life purpose and helps with soul pathing, the process of creating a path for your future that’s in alignment with your...
    • Ignite Your Power Orpiment Generator

      for manifestation

      Channel the confidence and strength to manifest your deepest intentions with this NEW Ignite Your Power Orpiment Generator! I’ve only ever offered orpiment in the form of small natural stones, and I’m so excited to now offer this crystal as a generator. This polished generator...
    • Money Draw Natural Baked Citrine for Source-connected manifestation

      Stay attracting and manifesting with this Money Draw Natural Baked Citrine! Baked citrine is amethyst that’s been heated, changing its color from purple to orange-yellow. This is alchemy, and you get the benefit of working with the properties of both stones! Citrine, also called the...

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