• Breakthrough Beeswax Intention Candle

    for transformation

    My Breakthrough Beeswax Intention Candle is BACK and ready to help you fearlessly transform. This candle is hand-rolled at Sage Goddess Headquarters with sheets of black, sage, and blue beeswax and invokes the power of Shiva. Shiva is a Hindu deity representing destruction and rebirth,...
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  • Autumn Intention Tea Lights

    for a season of warmth

    Bring the coziness of fall inside with these Autumn Intention Tea Lights! Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess, these soy blend tea lights were made just for fall. Fall is a time of regeneration and reflection, when we get to gracefully let go of what...
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  • Mabon Intention Tea Lights to brighten your harvest season

    I crafted these Mabon Intention Tea Lights to illuminate your rituals and ceremonies as we cross the seasonal threshold from summer into fall. The autumnal equinox, the celebration of Mabon, is one of two dates in the year when day and night are of equal...
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