• Orange Cat’s Eye Sacral Chakra Heart

    for passion

    Invite greater passion and creativity with this Orange Cat’s Eye Sacral Chakra Heart. Cat’s eye is a man-made stone that contains the chemical properties of quartz and other natural glass. It’s composed of ulexite, which is spun glass fibers fused together. Since cat’s eye has...
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  • Tumbled Peach Aventurine: Small

    for creativity and calm

    Feel the serene vibes of knowing you’re in the right place at the right time with this Tumbled Peach Aventurine. Peach aventurine activates the Sacral Chakra, soothes stress and worry, and is an emotional healer. It boosts creativity and manifestation and brings calm, rest, and...
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  • Elemental Alignment Ring

    for balance and transformation

    This gorgeous Elemental Alignment Ring was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is a powerful symbol of balance and harmony. It’s adjustable and features garnet from India, citrine from Madagascar, smoky quartz from Brazil, green onyx from India, and aquamarine from Brazil in descending order....
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  • Karuna Bath Salt

    for compassionate self-care

    Immerse yourself in healing, relaxing energies with my Karuna Bath Salt. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that translates to “compassion,” but its true meaning is so much deeper than that. Karuna refers to the action that we take to care for and heal the beings...
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  • Sexy Time Bath Bomb

    for sensuality and passion

    You’ve asked and we’ve listened! We’ve heard your many requests asking for more magical products made with our Sexy Time blend infused in our EO Infused Palo Santo Sexy Time Wands, so we created a Sexy Time Bath Bomb! This brand new magical bath bomb...
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  • Aphrodite’s Massage Oil

    for love and beauty

    Channel the goddess of love and beauty with my brand new Aphrodite’s Massage Oil, handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters! If you love my Aphrodite’s Love Balm, you’ll adore this oil and its sexy, intoxicating scent. The poet Hesiod said that Aphrodite was born...
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  • Tantra Body Butter

    for enhancing your sensuality

    Enhance your sensuality while moisturizing your skin with my Tantra Body Butter - the latest, sexiest addition to our body butter line. This butter is handmade right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, and it’s infused with my Tantra Perfume – a blend of deep, mystical,...
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  • Athena’s Favorite Rose and Cucumber Face Serum

    for glow

    I’m so excited to announce the NEWEST addition to my favorites line. Athena's Favorite Rose and Cucumber Face Serum was lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, and it’s pure magic in a bottle. We’ve kept our ingredients for this skin-nourishing serum simple. It’s...
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  • Black Rose Perfume

    for sacred seduction and mystery

    You all know about my love affair with the rose. It’s intense, and I’ve made several perfumes that honor this lovely flower, but my Black Rose Perfume is a different breed. It’s a lower, darker, and more mysterious fragrance - handcrafted right here at Sage...
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  • Capricorn Zodiac Magic Intention Candle

    for mastery

    If you missed out on my New Moon Zodiac Magic: Capricorn Crystalize Intention Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! My Capricorn Zodiac Magic Intention Candle is the FIRST in our new astrology candle line called Zodiac Magic. It was...
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  • Star of Ishtar Sapphire and Emerald Spinning Pendant

    Let your light shine with this Star of Ishtar Sapphire and Emerald Spinning Pendant. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and features a spinning Star of Ishtar inside a circle. One side of the star is silver with blue sapphire and...
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  • Rose Quartz Gemstone Intention Candle

    for love

    My Rose Quartz Gemstone Intention Candle, originally part of my Gemstone Intention Candles, is now available on its own! It was hand-poured right here at SG Headquarters with a rose pink soy blend and anointed with the best rose scent I could find to help...
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  • Green Aventurine Christmas Tree Ornament

    for abundance

    Enliven your holiday decor and invite abundance into your home with this enchanting Green Aventurine Christmas Tree Ornament! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from China. Not only is it gorgeous - it brings a powerful infusion of...
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  • Citrine Perfume

    for prosperity and abundance

    If prosperity is what you seek, then my Citrine Perfume is your offering! It’s handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, with notes of honeysuckle, bergamot, and rose. Based on the properties of citrine, this manifestation blend brings money magic, luck, and financial abundance. It...
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  • Lucky Piggy BeeBop

    for gratitude and good fortune

    This Lucky Piggy BeeBop isn’t just adorable - it’s a potent talisman of abundance and good fortune! This piece is part of our collection of glass pieces that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as "beebops." They’re little pops of color, energy,...
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  • Oscar’s Moon

    for happiness and lunar magic

    If you’ve been joining me for live events, you’ve met my smiley-faced mascot, Oscar. He’s a fabulous rainbow agate star with a chill attitude and a happy disposition. Now, I present Oscar’s Moon! This stunning piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess in Indonesia, lovingly carved...
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