• Star of Ishtar Sapphire and Emerald Spinning Pendant

    Let your light shine with this Star of Ishtar Sapphire and Emerald Spinning Pendant. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and features a spinning Star of Ishtar inside a circle. One side of the star is silver with blue sapphire and...
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  • Wolf Cold Process Soap

    for following your instincts

    Ask and you shall receive - my Wolf Cold Process Soap is back by popular demand! This soap is inspired by the wolf spirit animal and infused with my Wolf Perfume, a rich, grounding fragrance with notes of oakmoss, amber, and fraser fir. I use...
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  • Natural Blue Sapphire for keen awareness and psychic ability

    If you desire to strengthen your clairvoyance abilities or want to sharpen your inner guidance and knowing, this Natural Blue Sapphire is for you. Sapphire is the stone of wisdom and is the second hardest gemstone, next to the diamond. It brings awareness, helps you...
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