• Roots of Love Perfume

      for anchoring into the origins of love

      $46.20 - $69.30 with coupon code
      Love thrives best when it has a steady and sturdy foundation to build upon, and my Roots of Love Perfume captures this truth in a bottle! This perfume was blended purely to help you anchor deeper into the origin of love. It’s a gorgeous scent...
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    • Love Draw Perfume

      to attract the love you deserve

      $26.95 with coupon code
      My Love Draw Perfume is BACK and ready to help you attract all the love the universe has to offer! This intoxicating blend was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of almond, honey, rose, and Egyptian musk – sacred ingredients known to...
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    • Athena’s Favorite Patchouli

      for centering and manifestation

      $25.41 with coupon code
      Athena’s Favorite Patchouli is BACK and the name says it all - it’s my absolute favorite! If your spirit is in need of centering, this patchouli is your fragrance. This sensual and earthy blend will immediately pull you into the present moment, providing you with...
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