• Shungite Feminine Frequency Harmonizer

    for receptivity

    Open yourself to receive the divine blessings all around you with this Shungite Feminine Frequency Harmonizer. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Russia. Shungite is a yin-frequency stone that harmonizes yin, or Divine Feminine, energy. Everything on...
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  • Tumbled Golden Green Apatite

    for developing healthy habits

    If you’re ready to align with your healthiest and highest self, this Tumbled Golden Green Apatite sourced from Mexico is for you. Green apatite is a stone for wellness, and this offering features a STUNNING golden green color. This gem activates the Heart Chakra, supports...
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  • Tucson at Twilight: Fehu Prosperity Shungite Pendant

    Clear the path to prosperity with this Fehu Prosperity Shungite Pendant - our latest find from the Tucson Gem Show! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE shungite, and I was ecstatic to find this pendant. It comes strung on a black leather cord...
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  • Shungite Octahedral Pyramid of Purification

    This Shungite Octahedral Pyramid of Purification was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, and it’s the ultimate tool for energetic clearing - especially in the realm of abundance. Shungite is THE most powerful energetic filter. The ancient Romans even used it to line their aqueducts...
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  • Mini Black Obsidian Protection Sphere

    for security

    This Mini Black Obsidian Protection Sphere is an excellent source of grounding and security. This is a beautiful little piece and the stone is from China. Black obsidian activates the Earth Star and Root Chakras and is a powerful stone of cleansing, healing, and letting...
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  • Double Terminated Shungite Purification Vogel

    This Double Terminated Shungite Purification Vogel from Russia is a powerful energetic clearing tool. Shungite removes unwanted energies from both bodies and places, and it helps you let go of fear, guilt, and shame - any dysfunctional patterns keeping you from aligning with your highest...
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  • Releasing Intention Tea Lights for letting go of what’s no longer needed

    What do you need to let go of in this season of your life? Is it negative thoughts about yourself? Or a relationship that has run its course? Whatever it is, know that these Releasing Intention Tea Lights will support you with this process. These...
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  • Rainbow Obsidian Double Hearts for moving through pain with grace

    Where can you welcome more love and emotional healing in your life? These Rainbow Obsidian Double Hearts will serve as your crystal guides. Rainbow obsidian is an extraordinary source of protection, guidance, and strength. If you’re in the process of releasing or grieving, this is...
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  • Bye Bye Apatite Bracelets for releasing what no longer serves you

    These beautiful Bye Bye Apatite Bracelets are special talismans to help you release both physical and emotional weight and connect you with your truth and intuition. Blue apatite faceted beads are intricately tied together to create a stretchy bracelet. Wearing one of these Bye Bye...
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  • Uncoil Perfume for the courage to shed what no longer serves you

    We’re channeling the snake spirit animal with my Uncoil Perfume, and naturally, snakes shed their skin to grow. For us, clarity and growth come through releasing and shedding the past. We’re in the depths of shadow season now. This is a time to discover truths...
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  • Releasing Trio for letting go and making way for new beginnings

    This Releasing Trio is such a powerful and necessary offering. Here at Sage Goddess, we talk a lot about accumulation and acquisition - the process of manifesting what you desire. However, purification rites are just as important to spiritual practice; in fact, I take time...
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  • Releasing Kit for letting go of negative vibrations

    My Releasing Kit is a very special opportunity to receive my Shed perfume and a gem duo of bronzite and Apache tear obsidian at a huge saving -  this is your medicine of letting go and releasing what no longer serves you (relationships, excess weight,...
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  • Faceted Teal Obsidian Spheres for strength and emotional healing

    Obsidian is such a powerful stone. Are you releasing, grieving or letting go? It helps support you during those processes and strengthens you. Are you needing to connect to deep emotion? Then these faceted teal obsidian spheres are for you; this your stone, as obsidian...
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  • Smoky Amethyst Spheres for Divine healing, balance and protection

    These smoky amethyst spheres are  stunning and powerful. Amethyst is a divine healer, as it connects you with the Violet Ray, and smoky quartz is a potent tool for absorbing and transmuting negative energies. The two join together in these smoky amethyst spheres, which I...
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  • Chrysoprase Eggs for forgiveness, release, and letting go

    Chrysoprase, the great heart healer, is here in egg form! Chrysoprase is like a giant gemstone bandaid for the hurting heart. Has someone hurt you? Disappointed you? Left you or made you leave? So many of us walk through life with hearts full of wounds...
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