• Shungite Feminine Frequency Harmonizer

    for receptivity

    $ 24.00$ 46.00
    Divine blessings are all around you, but are you open to receiving them? This Shungite Feminine Frequency Harmonizer was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, and it’s powerfully attuned to the yin frequency - the energy of the Divine Feminine. Everything on this planet, including...
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  • Double Terminated Shungite Purification Vogel

    $ 59.00$ 79.00
    This Double Terminated Shungite Purification Vogel from Russia is a powerful energetic clearing tool. Shungite removes unwanted energies from both bodies and places, and it helps you let go of fear, guilt, and shame - any dysfunctional patterns keeping you from aligning with your highest...
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