• Natural Ethiopian Fire Opal

      to awaken passion

      <p>This mesmerizing crystal’s vibration is one of ecstasy. It awakens passion, increases vitality, enhances kundalini energy, and heightens intensity and pleasure in your experiences.</p>
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    • Ignite Your Passion Carnelian Bracelet

      to turn up the heat

      Turn up the heat with this Ignite Your Passion Carnelian Bracelet! This gorgeous stretch bracelet is made with carnelian, a gem of fire that brings passion, courage, and a creative spark. Fire medicine is transformative, transmutative, and the fuel that ignites the embers of creativity....
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    • Polished Colombian Amber

      for healing & protection

      <p>Are you searching for a talisman to keep you safe and stable? This Polished Colombian Amber is here to protect you and repel anything dark. Work with this offering to burn away any lower vibration and bring in energies of wellness and optimism.</p>
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    • Blue Tiger’s Eye Priestess Generator

      for ultimate wellness

      <p>Blue tiger’s eye is the rarest variety of tiger’s eye and brings a profound sense of tranquility and divine understanding. It’s considered a priestess stone and is truly mysterious gem and one I don’t have in the shop very often.</p>
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    • Tumbled Heliodor

      for manifestation

      <p>This gem is a golden-yellow variety of beryl, getting its color from inclusions of iron, which adds properties of strength and tenacity. If you’re looking to herald financial prosperity with self-assuredness, look no further — this crystal is your ally.</p>
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    • Pink Petrified Wood Heart

      for grounding in Mother Earth’s love

      <p>Pink petrified wood is all about divine wisdom and the feminine energy of our planet. I feel a sense of comfort when I work with this gem, and I hope you will, too. Work with this piece to call on the compassion and nurturing of Mother Nature.</p>
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    • Larimar Wisdom Mini Sphere

      for ancient knowledge

      Call forth the ancient knowledge and power of the sea with this Larimar Wisdom Mini Sphere. Larimar is a gorgeous blue stone found in one place in the world — in the Dominican Republic, making it an incredibly unique stone. It’s a type of pectolite...
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    • Zodiac Zircon Pendants with Keywords for Your Sign

      for astrological adornment

      Astrology lovers, we have an extra-special offering for you today! These new two-sided Zodiac Zircon Pendants with Keywords for Your Sign were months in the making — and I’m so excited to finally share them with you. If you’re a member of my Living Astrology...
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    • Zodiac Necklace & Crystal Duo Gift Set

      Looking for the perfect gift for the astrology lover in your life (or even yourself)? This Zodiac Necklace & Crystal Duo Gift Set is the offering for you! We love the stars and all things astrological here at Sage Goddess, and we know you do,...
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    • Birth Month Flower Zircon Necklace

      to celebrate your unique spirit

      This cute and playful Birth Month Flower Zircon Necklace is all about celebrating YOU and your special time of year! We’re all magical beings in our own unique way — just like flowers — and this piece is a reminder of the color and beauty...
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    • Awaken the Leader Within Confetti Sunstone Sphere

      Activate your full potential with this Awaken the Leader Within Confetti Sunstone Sphere! Sunstone is a leadership crystal that activates and heals the Sacral Chakra — your center of vitality, sexual pleasure, and desire. It’s a type of feldspar with inclusions of small hematite crystals,...
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    • Denver Unpacking: Healer’s Gold Grid Plate

      for manifesting wellness

      Total wellness is within reach with this Healer's Gold Grid Plate! Another stunning find from the Denver Gem Show, this beautiful gemstone plate features asymmetrical raw edges, making it an eye-catching addition to any altar. Healer’s gold is a powerful combination of pyrite and magnetite...
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    • Creative Inspiration Owyhee Jasper Generator

      Lift up your artistic aspirations with this Creative Inspiration Owyhee Jasper Generator! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this beautiful offering is carved from a unique variety of jasper. Owyhee jasper is renowned for its picturesque patterns and vibrant colors, which resemble stunning landscapes and abstract...
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    • Natural Lemurian Elestial Smoky Citrine

      for grounding & prosperity

      This Natural Lemurian Elestial Smoky Citrine is a gemstone triple threat: It brings a potent dose of manifestation magic, grounding, and ancient wisdom. Each of these extra-special pieces is unique — some sides have Lemurian grooves, while others have elestial plating. Some stones may also...
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    • Clear Quartz Zodiac Ring

      for personalized astrology adornment

      Looking for some personalized astrology jewelry to add to your collection? This Clear Quartz Zodiac Ring is just the accessory for you! This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with gold-plated .925 sterling silver and features a stunningly simple wrap-around design. On one end...
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    • Leo Flash Tattoos

      for spicy sacred adornment

      Spice up your sacred adornments and shine in your power with these Leo Flash Tattoos! Originally a part of my Leo New Moon Set, the magic of these custom-made flash tattoos is now available on its own. You all know that I love my flash...
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