• Lammas Ritual Kit for love

    $ 14.00$ 45.00
    My Lammas Ritual Kit for love offers all the tools you need to work with the energy of this time. Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-NAS-ah), is Monday, August 1. It is a holiday set in Earth-based traditions, as old as time itself. Lammas...
  • Lammas Ritual Kit for Prosperity

    $ 14.00$ 45.00
    My Lammas Ritual Kit for prosperity is the first of five kits intended to celebrate the magic of Lammas. Lammas is the first of three harvests of the fall season. The second is September 21 (Fall Equinox) and the third is October 31 (Samhain). Lammas...

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