• Soul Shift Tools: August 2021

    $ 100.00
    Hey, Soul Shifters! If you missed out on the Soul Shift Tools: August 2021, you’re in luck. We’re offering this set again! In August, we continued our work with the fourth alchemical phase “conjunction,” where we took what didn’t fit, what seemed unworthy of us,...
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  • Guide Perfume

    for magic through the darkness

    $ 32.00
    My Guide Perfume was created to light your way through the darkness of the new moon. This blend was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with amber, oak, and various spice notes. It’s also infused with labradorite, blue apatite, and clear quartz chip stones...
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  • Athena’s Favorite Patchouli

    for centering and manifestation

    $ 32.00
    Athena’s Favorite Patchouli is BACK and the name says it all - it’s my absolute favorite! If your spirit is in need of centering, this patchouli is your fragrance. This sensual and earthy blend will immediately pull you into the present moment, providing you with...
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  • Morgana Perfume

    for shadow integration

    $ 48.00$ 92.00
    I’m bringing back one of our MOST POPULAR scents, perfect for the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio! This Full Moon in Scorpio challenges us to face more truth and Scorpio is never satisfied with what lies at the surface. I named this fragrance after Morgana,...
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  • Vision Quest Perfume for accessing deeper inner wisdom and awareness

    $ 34.00
    The creation of Vision Quest perfume began with the crafting of a very sacred incense blend - a flying incense, which I created in small batches for friends and family, those magical practitioners who were interested in vision questing. This potion is blended with notes...
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