• Tucson Unpacking: Speak from the Heart Kunzite and Amazonite Ring

    Say what you need to say from a loving place with this Speak from the Heart Kunzite and Amazonite Ring — straight from Tucson! This stunning piece is made with .925 sterling silver and features gold-plated detailing around two pear-cut cabochons: One kunzite and one...
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  • Kunzite and Emerald Heart Chakra Ring

    for wisdom and healing

    If you could use some love, nurturing, and compassion, then this Kunzite and Emerald Heart Chakra Ring is your offering! This adjustable .925 sterling silver ring with gold-plated detailing was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It features a rectangular kunzite cabochon with two trillion-cut emeralds...
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  • Heal the Heartbreak Crystal Quad

    to soothe your soul

    We all experience heartache of some kind during our lives. Nurture your soul and give yourself some tender loving care with this Heal the Heartbreak Crystal Quad. This offering comes with a tumbled aquamarine, kunzite, and rhodonite, as well as a natural hiddenite. Gemstone quads...
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  • Heart Healing Stackers

    for unconditional love

    Adorn yourself with love with these NEW Heart Healing Stackers! This offering contains a trio of stretch bracelets to invite heart-centered energy into your life and practices – and we mean all types of love: Self-love, love for others, love for the world, and love...
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  • Divine Masters Elder Council Grid

    for spiritual guidance

    This Divine Masters Elder Council Grid, originally part of my Divine Masters Elder Council Set, is now available on its own. Elder Council is a meditation I lead for my Soul Shift members to facilitate connection with your spiritual team. When I seek deep, life-altering...
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  • Peacock Tray with 7-Chakra Gem Set

    for energetic balance

    I’m so excited to bring back this Peacock Tray with 7-Chakra Gem Set! The peacock feather is the insignia and essence of Sage Goddess, and it’s captured beautifully in this custom offering. The peacock spirit animal encourages you to fan the flames of creativity and...
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  • Tumbled Kunzite

    for familial healing and heart-opening

    Start an open-hearted journey toward familial healing and spiritual tenderness with this Tumbled Kunzite from Brazil! Kunzite is medicine for the heart and soul. Kunzite helps to heal and open the heart, especially when it comes to family and lineage trauma. It’s a conduit that...
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  • Ancestral Connection Crystal Grid

    to access your lineage

    Shadow season and Samhain is the best time to connect with your lineage, and this Ancestral Connection Crystal Grid will help you open that door. This offering is a custom Sage Goddess-designed set that features a beautiful wooden gridding board and a 13-stone grid including...
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  • Healing Hexagon Gemstone Tray

    for wellness and sacred geometry magic

    Infuse your home and creative space with some potent wellness and sacred geometry magic with this Healing Hexagon Gemstone Tray. This tray will make a perfect addition to your altar or could even be placed on your desk, nightstand, or armoire to hold your sacred...
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  • Natural Kunzite

    to heal and open your heart and embrace love

    Heal your heart so you can open to all kinds of love with this Natural Kunzite! With beautiful hues of pink and violet, this stone comes from Brazil and is the perfect medicine for the heart and soul. Kunzite helps to heal and open the...
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