• Tumbled Shiva Lingam

    to awaken passion and kundalini

    Enhance your sensuality and explore your capacity for intimacy with this Tumbled Shiva Lingam from India. Shiva lingam is one of the most powerful gems on the planet for activating sexual energy and attracting soulmates! Known as the sex stone, it activates kundalini energy and...
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  • Gentle Grounding Faceted Almandine Garnet

    I am SO excited to share this amazing offering with you! If you’ve been looking for a gem ally that will enhance your sensuality while keeping you anchored, then you will adore this Gentle Grounding Faceted Almandine Garnet. This almandine garnet is super special and...
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  • Tumbled Cuprite in Copper Matrix

    for restoring energy

    Boost your energy with this Tumbled Cuprite in Copper Matrix. Cuprite increases and refines your energy levels, providing a reboot for anyone in need of strength, vitality, encouragement, and support. It activates the Root Chakra and helps you release fear and trauma typically stored in...
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  • Master Healing Infinite Stone Sphere

    for wellness

    Activate infinite healing with this beautiful Master Healing Infinite Stone Sphere. This sphere was custom-made for Sage Goddess and the stone is from Africa. Infinite stone is a combination of serpentine and chrysotile and holds the magic of both gems plus special properties of its...
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  • Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, and Serpentine Sexy Shakti Mala

    Strengthen your connection to your primal power with this Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, and Serpentine Sexy Shakti Mala from India. Traditionally, a mala necklace is a strand of 108 beads used in meditation and prayer. Wearing or holding one brings about higher consciousness and balance and...
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  • Natural Etched Spessartine Garnet

    for creativity and passion

    Enhance your powers of attraction and activate passion and creativity with this Natural Etched Spessartine Garnet from Pakistan. Known as the “garnet of the sun,” spessartine garnet, also known as spessartite garnet, encourages confidence, optimism, and your more daring side. Spessartine is the only type...
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  • Natural Spessartite Garnet

    for igniting your inner creative muse

    Are you a creative artist who wants a little extra spark of imagination? If so, this Natural Spessartite Garnet is your talisman. Known as the “garnet of the sun,” spessartite garnet encourages confidence, optimism, and your more daring side. From Loliondo, a small village in...
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  • Loliondo Spessartite Garnet for fiery awakening and kundalini rising

    Spark your spiritual awakening with this Loliondo Spessartite Garnet! From Loliondo, a small village in Tanzania, located in East Africa, spessartite is the only type of garnet with sacred geometric markings. This gem is absolutely magnetic - it activates kundalini energy and provides a resurgence...
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  • Sacral Chakra Pleasure and Passion Gem Set to invoke the sexy goddess

    Bring out your sexy, creative, and playful goddess with this Sacral Chakra Pleasure and Passion Gem Set. We all need a little fun and sensuality from time to time, and that’s what the stones in this set will help you do. Orange calcite enhances endurance,...
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