• Green Apophyllite Natural Cube

      for life force and healing

      $22.04 - $33.44 with coupon code
      Soak up the sweet, gentle vibes of this Green Apophyllite Natural Cube — a rare form of apophyllite that resonates with the life force of every living element in nature. Known as a Master Healer stone, it brings healing to the Earth and all her...
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    • Tanzine Aura Quartz Point

      for psychic awakening

      $3.04 - $5.32 with coupon code
      Awaken to deeper insight with this beautiful Tanzine Aura Quartz Point. Tanzine aura quartz is a powerful tool for spiritual and psychic awakening, and every magical practitioner, priestess, mystic, and truth-seeker will benefit from working with it. This crystal can assist in opening the Blue...
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