• A-Grade Blue Kyanite in Clear Quartz Generator

      for amplified alignment

      Experience instant alignment in a BIG way with this custom-made A-Grade Blue Kyanite in Clear Quartz Generator. The stone for this super-gemmy generator was sourced from Brazil. The clear quartz in this offering is extra transparent, which really showcases the blue kyanite, making it simply...
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    • Queen’s Heart Orgone Generator

      for renewal and love

      This Queen’s Heart Orgone Generator from India is a mesmerizing talisman of love, healing, and rejuvenation. I had it custom-made just for Sage Goddess’ 10th anniversary, and it features 10 sides - one for each year of being in community with you. Within the generator...
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    • Ultimate Grounding Hematite Generators

      for energetic protection

      Feel held and protected with these Ultimate Grounding Hematite Generators. Hematite is the most grounding stone on the planet! It’s a potent binder of cosmic energy that helps contain unwanted forces and blocks energetic and psychic attacks. Hematite facilitates the clear circulation of energy and...
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