• Snakeskin Jasper Heart

      for release & transformation

      When it’s time to let things go and lighten the load, look to this Snakeskin Jasper Heart for support. I count on snakeskin jasper in times of profound transformation. It helps release what doesn’t belong to you, freeing you of dead weight and heavy baggage....
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    • Pink Girasol Mini Heart

      for fostering love and connection

      Trade mixed messages and miscommunication for meet-cutes and clear conversations with this adorable Pink Girasol Mini Heart. Pink girasol brings the energy of renewal to let more love into your life, so you can let go of the past and invite clear, sweet, and radiant...
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    • Blue Aventurine Ultimate Treasure Trove

      for enhanced intuition

      This holiday season, give the gift of intuition-enhancing goodness with this Blue Aventurine Ultimate Treasure Trove! This special offering contains four blue aventurine carvings, all custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from India. Blue aventurine heightens intuition and brings visions of the future,...
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    • African Bloodstone Ultimate Treasure Trove

      for healing

      This holiday season, give the gift of healing with this African Bloodstone Ultimate Treasure Trove! This special offering contains four African bloodstone carvings, all made with stone sourced from South Africa. Bloodstone is a master healer and my favorite stone for pain relief and healing...
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    • Rhodonite Mini Heart

      for spreading love and compassion

      ’Tis better to give than to receive, and with this Rhodonite Mini Heart, you’ll have a whole lotta love to share this holiday season! Rhodonite is a gentle stone of compassion that opens your heart and mind to feelings of love, generosity, and altruism. This...
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    • Your Heart’s Wish Clear Quartz Heart & Intuitive Perfume Sample Duo

      for setting intentions

      All your desires can come true with this Your Heart’s Wish Clear Quartz Heart & Intuitive Perfume Sample Duo. This duo contains a gorgeous clear quartz heart and an intuitively chosen sample of handcrafted SG perfume — a potent combination for setting and sealing your...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Quartz Gua Sha Heart with Wrinkle Away Serum

      for beautiful skin

      Treat both skin and soul to some much-needed TLC with this Intuitively Chosen Quartz Gua Sha Heart with Wrinkle Away Serum. This rejuvenating skincare set includes a gorgeous heart-shaped gua sha tool and my customer-favorite Wrinkle Away Serum to stimulate energy flow and leave your...
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    • Green Apatite Heart

      to support your wellness journey

      Infuse your wellness routine with love and compassion with this Green Apatite Heart, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! Green apatite is a potent stone for wellness. It activates the Heart Chakra, supports healthy weight loss, and regulates metabolism. The heart-shaped carving symbolizes Divine Love, adding...
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    • Garnet in Arfvedsonite Grounded Manifestation Heart

      Reach for the stars while keeping your feet firmly planted with this Garnet in Arfvedsonite Grounded Manifestation Heart. This stone combo is an alchemy of strength, grace, and major manifestation. Arfvedsonite is a powerful attraction gem that aids creative visualization and boosts productivity. With garnet,...
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    • Golden Heart Incense Burner

      for clearing with love

      Add a touch of love to your smudging practice with this Golden Heart Incense Burner. This golden-colored charcoal incense burner is made of metal alloy and features a gorgeous, intricate heart-shaped pattern. Since ancient times, our ancestors have burned sacred herbs and resins, believing the...
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    • Samhain Black Obsidian Smudging Heart Bowl and Gem Set

      for cleansing & clearing

      If you’re ready to release, let go, and clear away what no longer serves with grace, this Samhain Black Obsidian Smudging Heart Bowl and Gem Set is for you. It features a black obsidian heart-shaped bowl for holding your smudging tools and five gemstones, including...
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    • Manifestation Magic Rainbow Moonstone Heart

      for possibility

      Open your heart space to greater possibilities with this Manifestation Magic Rainbow Moonstone Heart, carved from stone sourced from India. Rainbow moonstone is a gem of fruition, fullness, and completion. Despite its name, it’s not ‘moonstone.’ It’s a transparent variety of labradorite with the same...
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    • Titanium Aura Black Obsidian Heart

      for protection and strength

      Keep your heart space protected and full of strength with this Titanium Aura Black Obsidian Heart. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this stunning piece was carved into a beautiful heart shape, which symbolizes Divine Love and adds properties of kindness, emotional connection, and compassion. Titanium...
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    • Denver Find: Gemmy Charoite Heart

      for courage and inner strength

      JUST IN from the Denver Gem Show, this Gemmy Charoite Heart is here to summon your inner warrior. Charoite is the stone of courage — if you’re struggling to have courage, build courage, or move forward in your life with optimism, inner strength, and transformation,...
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    • Seraphinite Heart

      for loving angelic support

      If you want to connect deeply with the loving energy of your angels and guides, this adorable yet powerful Seraphinite Heart is your offering. Seraphinite’s flowing patterns resemble angels’ wings — created by manganese, aluminum, and iron inclusions within a biotite and amphibole matrix. This...
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    • Blue Apatite Heart

      for guidance and support

      In need of a little direction? Gain clarity on your path with this Blue Apatite Heart. Blue apatite is a powerful emotional healer and is considered by many a guidance stone because it brings the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, and archangels. The heart-shaped...
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