• Tumbled Pink Opal

      for transformation in love and heart TLC

      How’s your heart doing? If it could use a little TLC, this Tumbled Pink Opal is here for you. These tranquil gems are radiating with loving energy, and they’re beautiful yet powerful tools to keep close as you delve into your heart and soul work....
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    • Tumbled Pink Mangano Calcite

      for heart healing

      Invite in heart-healing energies with this pretty Tumbled Pink Mangano Calcite from Pakistan. Pink mangano calcite carries tender energies that help heal the inner child and a broken heart. It reconnects you with lost or hidden parts of your spirit and aids in trauma recovery....
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    • Heart Healing Faceted Chrysoprase

      for peace

      Do you feel called to heal and love at greater levels? If so, then this Heart Healing Faceted Chrysoprase is the medicine your heart needs. This beautiful 3-dimensional faceted oval-shaped gem is from India and is a perfect piece to add to your crystal grids....
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    • Tumbled Evergreen Jasper for nurturing your heart and Earth healing

      Harness the beautiful, healing energy of the lush, green forests with this Tumbled Evergreen Jasper. Evergreen jasper is a rare stone that comes from only two mines in the United States, both near great mountainous regions where the fir, pine, and cedar energy is strong....
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