• Celestite Angelic Communication Heart

    Forge a line of loving dialogue with the higher realms with this Celestite Angelic Communication Heart. This spectacular offering was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Madagascar. Celestite is alive with beautiful, angelic energies of tranquility, harmony, and peace. It possesses...
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  • Larvikite Heart

    for opening portals and manifestation

    Have a vision you want to manifest? This Larvikite Heart is here to help you make it happen. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone is sourced from India. Larvikite helps you focus your mind and manifest your visions by creating...
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  • Green Aventurine Heart

    for loving abundance

    If you’re looking to grow in love and abundance, this Green Aventurine Heart from India is for you. Green aventurine is the stone of growth – whatever it touches, flourishes. It boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work,...
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  • Fear Release Tri-Colored Calcite Heart

    If worry and doubt are keeping you from confidently moving forward, this Fear Release Tri-Colored Calcite Heart is your offering. This potent gemstone heart is inlaid with various hues of calcite, with the main ones being red, white, and brown. These colors come together to...
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  • Ruby Passion Heart

    for expansive love and confidence

    Your confidence and life force are ever-expanding with this Ruby Passion Heart from India! Ruby is a gem of passion, intensity, life force, and Eros love. Some of these hearts may even contain stars - intersecting inclusions that produce an asterism, or “star effect.” Only...
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  • Angel Aura Rose Quartz Heart

    to call in a higher love

    Call in a higher love with this Angel Aura Rose Quartz Heart! Angel aura rose quartz is a Heart Chakra crystal that’s perfect for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love. The heart-shaped carving symbolizes Divine Love, adding properties of kindness, emotional connection, and...
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  • Soul Healing Indonesian Amber Hearts

    for nurturing and wisdom

    Do you feel tender and in need of nurturing and holding? If so, these Soul Healing Indonesian Amber Hearts are your medicine. These beautiful hearts are carved from amber sourced and mined in Indonesia. Amber is a stone of the light and wisdom emanating abundant...
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  • Angel Aura Flower Agate Hearts for Divine Love and positivity

    Call in divine love and positivity with these powerful Angel Aura Flower Agate Hearts! Angel aura flower agate is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to flower agate. With the iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows, it stimulates both body and spirit through its...
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  • Green Diopside Healing and Recovery Hearts for restoring balance

    Are you recovering from a broken heart or going through physical, emotional, or spiritual healing? If so, these Green Diopside Healing and Recovery Hearts are the medicine you need. Diopside is a stone of healing, balance, and Earth connection. This magical gem creates a powerful...
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  • Yellow Opal Solar Plexus Power Hearts for confidence and optimism

    I’m so in love with these Yellow Opal Solar Plexus Power Hearts. They’re not only beautiful but also strong stones of empowerment. Yellow opal activates the Solar Plexus Chakra for engaging personal power, encourages creativity, and is uplifting and cheering. If you’re feeling down, this...
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  • Brecciated Jasper Peaceful Warrior Hearts for strength and love

    Tap into strength and love with these Brecciated Jasper Peaceful Warrior Hearts. These beautiful heart carvings feature reconstituted jasper of every kind. This stone is healing, grounding, motivating, and offers comfort and peace. When held and rubbed, brecciated jasper is a soothing ally, melting away...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Amazonite and Smoky Quartz Hearts for grounded truth

    If your communication feels ungrounded and unclear, you’ll appreciate working with these Amazonite and Smoky Quartz Hearts exclusively from the Tucson Gem Show. Amazonite represents clear and heartfelt communication. It resonates with the Throat Chakra and helps you to express your truth with ease and...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Ruby in Biotite and Moonstone Matrix Hearts for healing

    What our world needs most right now is love and love energy is abundant in these Ruby in Biotite and Moonstone Matrix Hearts from the Tucson Gem Show. Ruby is a heart healer and biotite is often called the “stone of life.” Add in moonstone,...
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  • Snakeskin Jasper Hearts for alignment and transformation

    These snakeskin jasper hearts are an ideal tool for anyone trying to stay spiritually connected and aligned. Snakeskin jasper is the stone for right now. The energies of the entire Universe are summoning us to let go of old patterns. Have you noticed? The winds...
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  • Honey Calcite Hearts for empowerment of feminine energies

    These honey calcite hearts are your gemstone partner if you need to release stuck energies and allow them to move through you. It is your elimination tool, and a purifier for your core. It's beautiful, but its metaphysical properties are even greater to behold. This...
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  • Snakeskin Jasper Heart Keychains for transformation on the go

    These snakeskin jasper heart keychains are an ideal tool for anyone trying to stay spiritually connected and aligned while on the go. Have a few moments to meditate in the car? You’ve got a beautiful, heart-shaped snakeskin jasper carving right there with you. Hold it...
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