• Seer Bath Salt

    for wisdom and heightened intuition

    My Seer Bath Salt is BACK and ready to help you access your innermost wisdom. This bath salt was hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with purifying Epsom, Himalayan, and Mediterranean sea salt. It’s also infused with my Seer Perfume – an introspective blend...
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  • Wolf Cold Process Soap

    for following your instincts

    We’re bringing our Wolf Cold Process Soap, a customer favorite, BACK with beautiful, brand new packaging! This soap is handmade right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is inspired by the wolf spirit animal. It’s infused with my Wolf Perfume, a rich, grounding fragrance with...
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  • Moongazer Perfume

    for lunar magic and manifestation

    We’re giving a stellar “welcome back!” to my Moongazer Perfume. This gorgeous blend has notes of patchouli, allspice, and clove, and each bottle is infused with a tiger’s eye chip stone for enhanced wisdom and courage. It’s named after Earth’s favorite celestial neighbor, and we...
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  • Song of Morgana Perfume

    for fearless inner exploration

    If you missed out on April’s Full Moon tools that I’m working with in ritual tonight, we’ve got you covered! You can still experience my Song of Morgana Perfume, which is now available on its own. This perfume was originally part of my Full Moon...
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  • Sanitas Perfume

    for purification, grounding, and deep healing

    My Sanitas Perfume is back with the same powerful blend you love, just in a bigger bottle. Sanitas is the Latin word for health, and with notes of white sage, rosemary, lavender, and tea tree, that's exactly what this Sanitas Perfume was created to deliver....
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  • Tree of Life Perfume for grounding, wisdom, and creative support

    If you’re ready to experience a potion that can offer grounding, wisdom, and creative support, my Tree of Life Perfume is for you! The Tree of Life is the roadmap of creation, the blueprint of our being. It’s the thing from which all creation rises...
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  • Limited Edition Cora Perfume for unconditional love and heart healing

    My Limited Edition Cora Perfume is the first in a line I am creating to honor the matriarchs who shaped my personal family, the magical women in my line on whose shoulders I stand. This, the first, is Cora, named after my mother's favorite grandmother,...
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