• Infinite Growth Moss Agate Generator

      for grounding & abundance

      Root yourself deeply into the Earth and allow your dreams to flourish with this Infinite Growth Moss Agate Generator. This eight-sided generator was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from India. Eight is the number of abundance and infinity. It represents abundant flow...
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    • Eternal Love Petrified Clam

      for ancient heartfelt wisdom

      Call forth heart-centered energy from the depths of Mother Earth’s embrace with this Eternal Love Petrified Clam. Sourced from Mahajanga, Madagascar, this offering contains eons of Gaia’s wisdom — it’s nearly 200 million years old! This fossilized clam is extra special because of its distinctive...
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    • Red Flash Fire Ammonite

      for life force stimulation

      If you’re looking to energize your life force - this Red Flash Fire Ammonite from China is your gem best friend. Naturally iridescent, this gorgeous piece flashes with flames of red. Within it you’ll find ancient wisdom, grounding, healing, and revitalization. Fire ammonite stimulates life...
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    • Leaf Incense Burner

      to clear the way for new growth

      This Leaf Incense Burner is one of my favorites, and the gorgeous leaf shape makes it perfect for fall. It was custom-made exclusively for Sage Goddess and pairs perfectly with my Upper World Incense Blend with Blessed Thistle. Across many cultures, the leaf represents growth,...
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    • Follow Your Heart Ruby Zoisite Rose Pendant

      to grow with love

      Allow your heart to take the lead and welcome new beginnings, love, and passion with this Follow Your Heart Ruby Zoisite Rose Pendant. This custom-made pendant is based on one of my favorite pieces from my personal collection and features a carved ruby zoisite rose...
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    • Green Aventurine Heart

      for an abundance of love

      Grow in love and abundance with this Green Aventurine Heart. Green aventurine is the stone of growth — whatever it touches, flourishes. It boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work, or creative projects, this is your crystal ally!...
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    • Aura Green Aventurine Palm Stones for stimulating growth and abundance

      Where do you desire to experience more growth, lavishness, and abundant energy in your life? These Aura Green Aventurine Palm Stones will assist you in opening the floodgates to the bounty you want and deserve. These palm stones were custom made for SG and you...
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    • Resinoid Oakmoss Initiation Balm

      for grounding

      Are you feeling a little ungrounded and uneasy? My Resinoid Oakmoss Initiation Balm will bring you back to the present moment! It was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with pure resinoid oakmoss essential oil and a skin-nourishing balm base of babassu oil, beeswax,...
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    • Listen to Your Heart Ruby Zoisite Double Terminated Wand

      The heart is always the greatest guide! Let love and passion lead the way on your journey of personal evolution with this Listen to Your Heart Ruby Zoisite Double Terminated Wand. Ruby and zoisite grow naturally together and are the perfect combination of fire and...
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    • Crystalpedia May 2023 Tools: Green Aventurine Lakshmi Charging Plate

      If you missed your May 2023 Crystalpedia tools, you can still get in on the magic with this Green Aventurine Lakshmi Charging Plate, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Abundance isn’t just about money — it’s a form of energy and state of mind, which this...
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    • Natural Chlorite Phantom Quartz Point

      to grow into your best self

      Grow into the best, brightest, and most healed version of YOU with this Natural Chlorite Phantom Quartz Point. Phantom quartz has a natural phantom crystal or ghost point outline inside it. The stunning phantoms in this point are created by chlorite inclusions interrupting the growth...
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    • Cherry Blossom Intention Candle

      for optimism and growth

      My brand NEW Cherry Blossom Intention Candle is here to usher in spring and celebrate the optimism and growth this season and flower brings. Those of you who followed us when we were up in the Bay Area about a decade ago probably remember the...
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    • Green Aventurine Abundance Sphere With Sphere Stand

      for growth

      Call in the growth and good fortune of spring with this Green Aventurine Abundance Sphere With Sphere Stand! This gorgeous carving was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features a green aventurine sphere that nests perfectly in its matching green aventurine sphere stand. Green aventurine...
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    • Grounding and Growth Moss Agate Double Terminated Wand

      Root yourself in Mother Earth’s healing embrace with this Grounding and Growth Moss Agate Double Terminated Wand! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Since ancient times, moss agate has been revered by medicine people around the world for its profound healing properties. It’s...
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    • Earth Element Mini BeeBop

      for grounding

      Invite in the stability and nurturing energy of nature with this Earth Element Mini BeeBop. This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as ‘beebops.’ They’re little pops of...
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    • Amphibole Quartz Spiritual Evolution Generator

      for growth

      If you’re looking for support in your growth and development, this Amphibole Quartz Spiritual Evolution Generator is here to help. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and it radiates a protective angelic vibration that supports spiritual evolution. Stone country of origin: Brazil Chakra...
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