• Spiritual Evolution Trapiche Amethyst Generator

    RARE stone alert! This stunning Spiritual Evolution Trapiche Amethyst Generator is your perfect ally for spiritual growth and evolution. The stone for this beautiful piece was sourced from Brazil, and I’m SO excited to offer it to you once again! Trapiche amethyst features a gorgeous...
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  • Denver After Dark: Balance and Ground Mosaic Chalcedony Generator

    This stunning Balance and Ground Mosaic Chalcedony Generator is a rare healing, protective, and centering offering. This beauty is straight from the Denver Gem Show, and the stone was sourced from Brazil. I love and collect mosaic chalcedony generators, so I’m EXTRA excited to share...
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  • Prehnite with Epidote Heal the Healer Generator

    Feel held and cared for as you go about your work with this Prehnite with Epidote Heal the Healer Generator. This gorgeous stone was sourced from India. Prehnite is the healer’s stone and holds you as you hold others, bringing you comfort and peace. And...
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  • Natural Rutilated Smoky Quartz

    for clearing energy

    Clear any negative energy from your space with this Natural Rutilated Smoky Quartz sourced from Brazil. Smoky quartz is a stone of grounding, purification, and protection that absorbs and transmutes the energies the body cannot take or hold on its own. The strands of rutile...
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  • Heal, Ground, and Grow Moss Agate Generator

    Call in more stability, wellness, and growth with this Heal, Ground, and Grow Moss Agate Generator from India. This piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and it’s a beauty. Moss agate provides grounding and security and nourishes the seeds of your dreams to blossom and...
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  • Emotional Healing Aquamarine Generator

    Honor your feelings and the water element with this Emotional Healing Aquamarine Generator from India. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication. It’s a crystal of the sea, with a calming and cooling vibration that enhances intuition, imagination,...
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  • Clear and Protect Bronzite Generator

    for security in your sacred space

    Say “goodbye” to any energy that doesn’t serve you with this Clear and Protect Bronzite Generator. Bronzite is a protective stone that repels negative energies and clears confusion. It helps you resolve unsettled emotions and face any situation head-on with the assurance that you are...
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  • Ultimate Grounding Hematite Generators

    for energetic protection

    Feel held and protected with these Ultimate Grounding Hematite Generators. Hematite is the most grounding stone on the planet! It’s a potent binder of cosmic energy that helps contain unwanted forces and blocks energetic and psychic attacks. Hematite facilitates the clear circulation of energy and...
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  • Secret Wisdom Sanskrit Jasper Generators

    for intuiting ancient messages

    You’ve never seen anything like these gorgeous Secret Wisdom Sanskrit Jasper Generators! The beauty of Sanskrit jasper is in the lines. When carefully observed, these lines resemble actual Sanskrit, and within the lines are messages waiting for you to intuit them. Sanskrit jasper will connect...
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  • Indian Picasso Jasper Shadow Integration Generators for balance

    The beauty of this time of year is that it allows us to embody all aspects of ourselves - the light and dark, the savory and unsavory - without judgment. These Indian Picasso Jasper Shadow Integration Generators are the perfect tools to work with as...
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  • Fancy Jasper Tranquility Generators for peace of mind and relaxation

    Allow your creative and sacred spaces to be filled with peaceful energies with these Fancy Jasper Tranquility Generators. Fancy jasper is a stone that has a soft and sweet essence. It anchors you and encourages a sense of relaxation, making it the perfect crystal to...
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  • Higher Purpose Garnierite and Moonstone Generators for soul pathing

    Connect with the wisdom of the cosmos with these gorgeous Higher Purpose Garnierite and Moonstone Generators. Garnierite is a unique and rare stone that assists you in stepping forward into the fullness of your soul and spiritual path. The green coloring in garnierite is due...
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