• Healer’s Gold Manifestation Wand

    to actualize your desires

    $ 9.00
    Work with this double-terminated Healer’s Gold Manifestation Wand from India during the month of May to open the floodgates of prosperity. Healer’s gold is a combination of pyrite and magnetite. It boosts your self-esteem and draws things to you, perfect for manifesting your heart’s desires....
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  • Ruby Kyanite Love and Alignment Wand

    $ 29.00$ 34.00
    This Ruby Kyanite Love and Alignment Wand from India will raise your life force and balance your chakras plus SO much more! This wand combines the heart-opening and love-inducing medicine of ruby with the intuitive, psychic, high vibe power of blue kyanite. Work with this...
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  • Blue Kyanite Ultimate Balance Wand

    for aligning with your highest good

    $ 6.00$ 24.00
    Align with your highest good with this Blue Kyanite Ultimate Balance Wand. Blue kyanite is the most powerful stone for balance and alignment. This Throat Chakra gem connects you to your highest truth. It makes it easy for you to express yourself and communicate openly....
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  • Odin’s Wand with Free Odin Perfume

    for enhanced vision and protection

    $ 49.00$ 69.00
    Are you ready to access your inner warrior and enhance your vision? If so, this Odin’s Wand with Free Odin Perfume is your offering. This wand was custom-made for SG from iolite, also known as cordierite. Wands are used for opening and closing a circle...
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  • Double Terminated Red Aventurine Dow Wands to channel “can-do” energy

    $ 24.00$ 34.00
    Get ready for powerful, “can-do” energy to come into your life with these Double Terminated Red Aventurine Dow Wands! These double terminated stones are channeling tools with dow points on both ends, making them super special, and perfect for sending and receiving energy. A dow...
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