• Magical Healing Malachite Cats

    for feminine strength and mystery

    We LOVE cats in the Sage Goddess community, and these Magical Healing Malachite Cats are adorable and powerful talismans! Cats are mysterious creatures, known to walk between our world and the spirit realm. These pieces are carved from malachite, the most potent stone of feminine...
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  • Crazy Lace Agate Laughing Sphere

    for fun and safe travel

    Going somewhere? Travel safely and joyfully to ensure a great holiday season with this Crazy Lace Agate Laughing Sphere! Crazy lace agate helps you find joy and laughter during difficult times. This gem encourages you to be in the moment - feeling safe, secure, and...
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  • Orange Selenite Passion Pyramid

    for enhanced creativity

    Channel your desires and creativity with this Orange Selenite Passion Pyramid. This tool was carved from orange selenite sourced from Morocco. Orange selenite is a peaceful yet powerful stone of passion. It activates the Sacral Chakra and deflects all negative energy. Selenite is fragile –...
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  • Green Aventurine Abundance Angel

    for prosperity

    This pretty Green Aventurine Abundance Angel from India will help you call in all the growth and prosperity you want with the help of the celestial realm. And May’s a perfect time to do it! The month of May represents abundance. It’s the fifth month...
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