• Authentic Love Blue Apatite Hearts for sincere and honest connection

    Truthfully and genuinely connect with yourself and others with these Authentic Love Blue Apatite Hearts! Blue apatite promotes clarity, offers direction when you need it, and encourages the release of what no longer serves you. And in the shape of a heart, this offering is...
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  • Angel Aura Amethyst Clusters for a deeper spiritual connection to the divine

    No photograph can capture the rainbow of colors and hues in these angel aura amethyst clusters. These are natural amethyst geodes that have been treated with iridium and a variety of metals, to achieve the permanent rainbow of color you see here. They are iridescent,...
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  • Golden Healer Quartz Pillows for rare and empowered healing of self

    These golden healer quartz pillows from the Tucson Gem Show are a rare and expensive variety of quartz, carved into this uniquely potent shape. Similar to a palm stone, but rounded out and perfectly circular, these bear the magic of sacred geometry – the shape...
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  • Large Tumbled Blue Kyanite for centering, presence, and alignment

    Blue kyanite is a MAGICAL stone that I can’t keep in stock because of the high demand. But I’ve never been able to source or offer this quality of kyanite before. These are gorgeous, huge, gemmy pieces that could (and should!) be used in jewelry...
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  • Gemmy Turquoise Chip Stones for great warrior strength, healing, and protection

    Chip stones are amazing because of their small, convenient size. You can carry them in your medicine pouch, purse, car, or just about anywhere to access their magic without having to worry about carting a big, heavy stone around! You can put them in your...
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  • Tumbled Mexican Opal to stimulate your fire, creative output, and kundalini energy

    Are you an artist or an imaginative, original, spirited being that seeks to delve deeply into fire element energy? Then this is your stone. I have never had these gorgeous, gemmy, tumbled Mexican fire opals before in my shop, and I am so excited to...
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  • Rainbow Agate Slices for flow and removal of negativity

    Agate slices are little pieces of rainbow magic to me. Each one is so unique, full of that banded mystery characteristic of agate stones. Since ancient times, agate has been used as a protective talisman that brings a gentle sweep of energy and balance into...
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