• Discover Your Highest Good Gemstone Trio for healing, manifestation, and connecting with your Highest Self

    I absolutely mean it when I tell you there is a limitless well of goodness that exists within the center of each and every one of us! This is a simple truth, I know - but sometimes, things deter us from living out this Highest...
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  • Finding Your Purpose in Love Crystal Quad

    It’s BACK! Heal your heart and let it lead the way to your soul path with this Finding Your Purpose in Love Crystal Quad. This crystal quad comes with four powerful stones for loving direction: A fluorite angel heart wing for celestial guidance, pink thulite...
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  • Ultimate Graduation Grid

    for new beginnings

    The end of the year is upon us, and I want to give a special shout-out to the students who’ve dedicated themselves to shifting, elevating, expanding, and transforming. Made with Soul Shift graduation in mind, this Ultimate Graduation Grid is the perfect tool as you...
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  • Get Focused Set

    for clarity and concentration

    Clear away mental clutter and hone in on what truly matters with this Get Focused Set! I designed this set to support those with ADHD, but it’s useful to anyone struggling with focusing. We live in a world filled with distractions, and many of us...
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  • Lilith Passion, Freedom, and Power Grid

    for sensuality

    Liberate your desires and potential with this Lilith Passion, Freedom, and Power Grid. Lilith was Adam's first wife in the Kabbalistic tradition, and she embodies feminine power and sensuality. This gridding set is designed to help you invoke the energy of Lilith, your inner wild...
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  • Indulge Your Senses Crystal Grid

    for pleasure and beauty

    Embrace life’s simple pleasures and open your eyes to the luxury and beauty around you with this Indulge Your Senses Crystal Grid! This new offering includes some of my top stones for getting in touch with and enhancing your senses so that you can enjoy...
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  • Elemental Ajna Gemstone Set

    for harnessing intuition

    Harness your intuition working with the four elements with this Elemental Ajna Gemstone Set. I curated this set to help you connect to your intuitive gifts and inner vision using the four basic elements of fire, earth, air, and water. This set includes blue sapphire...
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  • Bedroom Dream Grid

    for deep and peaceful rest

    Are you looking for sweet dreams and peaceful sleep? We worked with this Bedroom Dream Grid together during the Reimagine Virtual Retreat and you loved it SO much that it’s now back by popular demand! This grid is a custom Sage Goddess offering designed to...
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  • Jupiter-Neptune Ascension and Manifestation Grid

    Did you know that the most powerful spiritual transit in 166 years is happening NOW? Jupiter and Neptune are aligned in Pisces, opening up a once-in-a-lifetime portal for spiritual awareness and awakening! I created this Jupiter-Neptune Ascension and Manifestation Grid to help you build your...
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  • X Anniversary Peacock Tray with Gem Set

    for healing and wisdom

    It’s Sage Goddess’ 10th anniversary! This X Anniversary Peacock Tray with Gem Set is just one of the many limited-edition, custom-made offerings we’re launching to celebrate. It comes with a beautiful ceramic tray carved into a peacock, the Sage Goddess insignia - plus a set...
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  • Bowl of Light Sun and Moon Gem Set

    Harness the power of Earth’s favorite celestial besties with this Bowl of Light Sun and Moon Gem Set! This offering features a gorgeous selenite bowl and intentionally selected gems that include labradorite, heliodor, dolomite, sunset sodalite, and clear quartz. Each promotes the unique qualities of...
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