• African Citrine: Medium Tumbled

    for money manifestation

    $ 8.00
    This Tumbled African Citrine is a powerful tool for manifestation and perfect for harnessing summertime energies of expansion and fruition! Citrine is a gem of mental clarity, money magic, and prosperity. It heals the Solar Plexus Chakra, restores self-esteem and confidence, and is known as...
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  • Tumbled Snowflake Epidote

    for grounded manifestation

    $ 2.00
    This Tumbled Snowflake Epidote from Namibia is a powerful tool for rooting and shielding, and its magic is amplified by the quartz within it. The high content of quartz in this gem in combination with epidote, makes it look like it’s adorned with snowflakes -...
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