• Frost Moon Full Moon Set

    Tools for Gemini Full Moon Ritual with Athena

    $ 19.00$ 79.00
    Tonight, November 30, is the full moon in the sign of Gemini and we’re celebrating the Frost Moon AND a lunar eclipse. This Frost Full Moon Set contains our exclusive tools for my online November Full Moon ritual tonight. This full moon is extra special...
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  • Ritual Set Honoring Jesus and Mary

    $ 11.00$ 110.00
     We honor Jesus and the Virgin Mary to cultivate a divine love for humanity. According to the Bible and Christian tradition, Mary challenged all scientific logic by immaculately conceiving Jesus Christ (Emmanuel), the Savior. Her holy son would change the course of history. Before his...
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  • Ritual Sets Honoring Shakti and Shiva

    $ 55.00$ 95.00
    With this set, we honor Shakti and Shiva. We will invoke these two influential deities as we dive deep into a meditative state of Satori, and astral travel back to the ancient and mysterious land of India -- birthplace of yoga, meditation, and many of...
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