• Planetary Healing Full Moon Set for universal love and support

    $ 69.00
    Join us as we journey together at the full moon and invoke planetary healing! When the world feels unclear, scary, and even backward, it’s important to raise the counter frequency, calling in peace, unconditional love, acceptance, and kindness. At Sage Goddess, we commit to working...
  • Ancestral Healing Set

    $ 19.00$ 69.00
    Join us, as we journey together down the male and female lines of your ancestors. Traditionally, honoring ancestors is an important part of Chinese culture. Celebrating and worshiping ancestors aligns with respecting your origins - the cycle of life through the living and the dead....
  • Ritual Set Honoring Jesus and Mary

    $ 11.00$ 110.00
     We honor Jesus and the Virgin Mary to cultivate a divine love for humanity. According to the Bible and Christian tradition, Mary challenged all scientific logic by immaculately conceiving Jesus Christ (Emmanuel), the Savior. Her holy son would change the course of history. Before his...
  • Ritual Sets Honoring Shakti and Shiva

    $ 55.00$ 95.00
    With this set, we honor Shakti and Shiva. We will invoke these two influential deities as we dive deep into a meditative state of Satori, and astral travel back to the ancient and mysterious land of India -- birthplace of yoga, meditation, and many of...
  • Ritual Sets Honoring Isis and Osiris

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 55.00$ 95.00
    With this set, we honor Isis and Osiris. We will invoke these two influential deities as we book passage on the wing of a falcon-god and astral travel back to the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Come along, it's going to be a wonderful ride. Isis is...

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