• Elemental Integration Beeswax Intention Candle

      for guidance & harmony

      <p>Call upon the four elements with our Elemental Integration Beeswax Intention Candle! When we work with the four elements, we connect with the energy of life itself and become one with our environment.</p>
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    • Labradorite Elemental Alchemy Pendant

      for transformation

      <p>This custom-made piece is a powerful symbol of transformation and new beginnings. It features sparkling labradorite gems carved into the alchemical symbols for fire, water, earth, and air — all beautifully set in .925 sterling silver with a gold overlay.</p>
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    • Four Elements Black Agate Charging Plate Set

      for harmony and protection

      <p>Calling upon the elements represents our connection to spiritual forces and our environment. This set includes four hand-polished square black agate charging plates with gold-colored metal edges, each engraved with an elemental symbol.</p>
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    • Elemental Ceremonial Chime

      for sound meditation

      Unwind and find inner peace with this Elemental Ceremonial Chime. This indoor musical tool’s soothing tones will harmonize your meditation sessions and rituals, making each moment a truly serene experience. It was custom-made just for SG, featuring eight precisely tuned strings. It’s crafted from bamboo,...
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