• Tumbled Zebra Jasper Cube

      for manifestation & authenticity

      <p>Like its namesake, zebra jasper typically has unique white and black stripes that awaken the wild within you. It’s a stone of manifestation, motivation, and optimism, unleashing your authentic self and unlocking your true potential.</p>
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    • Get Focused Set

      for clarity and concentration

      <p>This includes a bottle of my Focus Perfume, a carefully curated Focus Gemstone Set – including a clear quartz point, fluorite octahedron, hypersthene, tiger’s eye, and carnelian – along with a custom-designed Focus Plate for showcasing your set.</p>
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    • Priestess of Visions Labradorite Peacock Ring

      Priestess of Visions Labradorite Peacock Ring My Priestess of Visions Labradorite Peacock Ring is BACK and ready to bring your inner priestess to life. This adjustable .925 sterling silver piece was hand-carved just for Sage Goddess and harnesses crystal magic with potent spirit animal medicine. ...
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    • Tumbled Purple Velvet Fluorite

      for finding your purpose

      <p>Purple fluorite is a stone of focus that keeps you on your soul path and helps you find and manifest your purpose. It’s a stone of higher-realm connection that helps expand your consciousness and deepen your spiritual practice.</p>
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    • Tumbled Novaculite

      for mental clarity & spiritual connection

      <p>Novaculite is a potent gem for sharpening focus and gaining clarity. It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, bringing high-vibrational energy that clears the mind, aids problem-solving, and opens channels of spiritual connection.</p>
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    • AAA-Grade Natural Blue Amblygonite

      for focus & calm

      <p>This AAA-Grade Natural Blue Amblygonite helps you create space between your thoughts. Amblygonite generally inspires peace, enhances focus, and nurtures the spirit. It also carries high vibrational healing energies to ease stress and balance emotions.</p>
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    • Tucson Finds: Tenebrescent Scapolite Crystal

      for manifestation

      <p>This gem is super special because it’s able to change color with exposure to different types of light. Tenebrescence refers to a mineral’s ability to change color under UV light.</p>
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    • Hypersthene Meditation Stone

      for mental clarity & focus

      <p>Quiet the distractions and calm your thoughts with this meditation stone. Hypersthene is a rare, highly sought-after gem that offers clarity, control, presence, and centeredness to even the busiest minds.</p>
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    • Angel Aura Druzy Agate Snowflake

      for protection and peace

      Infuse your space with holiday magic with this Angel Aura Druzy Agate Snowflake. Snowflakes are symbols of winter wonder, and almost everyone has a little snow in their holiday memories or visions. Each snowflake takes a unique path to the ground, and no two snowflakes...
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    • Wealth and Abundance Natural Citrine

      for money magic

      Achieve your financial goals easily with this Wealth and Abundance Natural Citrine from Brazil. Citrine is a powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone, perfect for harnessing the energies of expansion and fruition. It heals the Solar Plexus Chakra, restoring self-esteem and confidence, and helps you...
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    • Mini Blue Amblygonite Focused Thoughts Generator

      Is your mind running on overdrive? Take a deep breath and enter a state of balanced calm with this Mini Blue Amblygonite Focused Thoughts Generator. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this generator is carved from blue amblygonite — a calming gem of peaceful communication. Blue...
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    • Larvikite Sphere Stand

      to support your treasures

      Support your gemstone treasures and your manifestation intentions with this Larvikite Sphere Stand! Custom-made with stone sourced from India, this larvikite is specially carved with an indentation perfect for housing your crystal spheres. Sphere stands play a crucial role in magic. They create a safe...
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    • Natural black onyx for grounding, focus, and inner strength

      In times of turmoil and transition, we’re beckoned more and more to lean into our strength. The beauty of this natural black onyx is that by its very nature, it aids us in remembering and standing in our strength – emotionally, mentally, creatively and spiritually...
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    • Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Star

      for celestial knowledge

      Call on otherworldly knowledge with this NEW Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Star. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and I’m SO excited to share it with you – I’ve had bismuth in my Live Gem and Mineral Sales, but this is the first time...
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    • Grounding Tree Agate Corner-Cut Cube

      for stability and ancestral wisdom

      Experience the serene vibrations of this NEW Grounding Tree Agate Corner-Cut Cube. The stone for this potent carving was sourced from India. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest, the insights of the tree people, and the grounding of Earth. This is THE...
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    • Natural Amblygonite

      for focus

      Do you ever feel stuck in your head or a bit out of sorts? Then this Natural Amblygonite is your gemstone ally! The name amblygonite comes from the Greek word for ‘blunt angles.’ It was given this name because of its angled cleavage (gemstone cleavage...
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