• Angel Aura Selenite & Yellow Calcite Daisy with Stand

      for springtime magic

      <p>This custom-made offering features a daisy made of angel aura selenite with a yellow calcite center. Additionally, it comes with an accompanying gold-colored stand — the perfect piece for your altar!</p>
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    • Empowered Growth Yellow Aventurine Daisy

      for possibility

      Tap into your personal power and start manifesting the life of your dreams with this Empowered Growth Yellow Aventurine Daisy! This enchanting gem was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Yellow aventurine is a member of the quartz family that gets its yellow hue from inclusions...
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    • Golden Flower Sphere Stand

      to support your crystals spheres

      <p>This Golden Flower Sphere Stand adds the perfect touch of blossoming beauty to any space. This sphere stand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from iron with a golden-colored finish.</p>
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    • Glass Tulip Tea Light Holder

      for renewal & wisdom

      <p>This elegant tea light holder is perfect for the upcoming spring season. Shaped as a tulip flower, this offering is sure to add a glimmer of new life to your space and help honor your inner beauty.</p>
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    • Grounded Growth Smoky Quartz & Rhodolite Garnet Flower Necklace

      Safeguard yourself from negativity wherever you go with this new Grounded Growth Smoky Quartz & Rhodolite Garnet Flower Necklace — I selected this piece just for you! Custom-made for Sage Goddess with .925 sterling silver, this stunning offering features a smoky quartz oval cabochon carved...
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    • Bloom Into Beauty Jewelry Holder

      for enchantment

      Looking for the perfect way to safely display your favorite Sage Goddess jewelry? This Bloom Into Beauty Jewelry Holder is the piece for you! This gorgeous glass jewelry bowl features a lid with a stunning gold-colored enamel flower-and-branch handle that doubles as a stand for...
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    • Birth Month Flower Zircon Necklace

      to celebrate your unique spirit

      This cute and playful Birth Month Flower Zircon Necklace is all about celebrating YOU and your special time of year! We’re all magical beings in our own unique way — just like flowers — and this piece is a reminder of the color and beauty...
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    • Selenite Flower Charging Plate

      for cleansing your treasures

      Keep the energy of your treasures cleansed and at their full potential with this custom-made Selenite Flower Charging Plate! Selenite is a soft gypsum gem that forms as water evaporates in clay beds and hot springs. This stone clears energy and radiates peace, pure white...
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    • Flower Crystal Dish

      for renewal

      Let the sun in and BLOOM with this enchanting Flower Crystal Dish! This dish features ornate enamel work and is premium-made with Czech-imported crystals. Flowers are symbols of growth and new life, and this dish also features a snake on the stem — representing transformation,...
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    • Mini Green Aventurine Flower

      for growth and abundance

      Invite in abundance for yourself or give the gift of a springtime bloom that lasts forever with this Mini Green Aventurine Flower. This enchanting carving was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. This offering is perfect as those of...
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