• Lotus of Enlightenment Sphere Stand

    for rebirth

    This Lotus of Enlightenment Sphere Stand provides a beautiful way to display your favorite crystal spheres. This piece is hand-carved and painted resin. Of all the lotus flower symbolisms, rebirth and purity are perhaps the most powerful of all. This is because the lotus rises...
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  • Leaf Incense Burner

    to purify your space in style

    Clear your sacred space in style with this lovely Leaf Incense Burner, custom-made exclusively for Sage Goddess. This burner was so popular I just had to bring it back! Across many cultures, the leaf represents growth, fertility, and hope. It’s a symbol of things to...
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  • Creative Fire Beeswax Intention Candle

    for inspiration

    Ignite inspiration and light up your imagination with my new Creative Fire Beeswax Intention Candle, hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. It’s the perfect offering as we celebrate Beltane and move into the spring and summer season here in the Northern Hemisphere! May 1...
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  • Azurite with Cuprite Energy Running Sphere

    Activate your intuition and get energy flowing with this gorgeous Azurite and Cuprite Energy Running Sphere. This NEW and unique piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. It's a super powerful tool for intuitive healers, and I've never seen...
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  • Green Aventurine Extractor Diamond

    for abundance

    Are self-limiting beliefs blocking your path to financial and spiritual abundance? If you’re ready to acknowledge and release them, this Green Aventurine Extractor Diamond is for you. This extractor diamond was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone is sourced from India. Green aventurine...
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  • Tumbled Cuprite in Copper Matrix

    for restoring energy

    Boost your energy with this Tumbled Cuprite in Copper Matrix. Cuprite increases and refines your energy levels, providing a reboot for anyone in need of strength, vitality, encouragement, and support. It activates the Root Chakra and helps you release fear and trauma typically stored in...
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  • Limited Edition Phases of Desire Perfume Series: Phase 6 Consummate Perfume

    At last, we’ve reached the conclusion of my Phases of Desire Perfume Series: Consummate Perfume. Tender yet ravaging, fiery and unbridled - this is the magic of Consummate. This alcohol-based spray perfume is the sixth and final phase of the brand new, SUPER SEXY, limited...
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  • Handpainted Sun, Moon, and Tree Shaman Drum

    for ritual

    Explore the depths of your innermost self by working with this Handpainted Sun, Moon, and Tree Shaman Drum. This drum was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Bali. The drumhead is made of goatskin and hand-painted with a sun, moon, and tree. Its frame is...
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  • Green Aventurine Lakshmi Pendulum

    for prosperity

    Trying to manifest abundance, but not quite sure how? If so, this Green Aventurine Lakshmi Pendulum will be your guide. This pendulum is beautiful and potent, and the stone was sourced from India. From the crystal to the Lakshmi charm, to the pendulum shape -...
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  • Freyja Perfume

    for invoking the inner feminine warrior

    My Freyja Perfume is BACK and ready to help you invoke your inner warrior! This potion was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of patchouli, amber, musk, lime, and two different kinds of sandalwood. Freyja is the powerful Norse goddess of love,...
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  • Angel Aura Green Aventurine Flame

    for spiritual growth

    Experience spiritual expansion and growth with this Angel Aura Green Aventurine Flame! This piece was custom-made especially for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from China. Angel aura green aventurine is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to green aventurine. With the...
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  • Picasso Jasper Hamsa Hand

    for integration and protection

    If you’re navigating changes and in search of support and grounding, this Picasso Jasper Hamsa Hand is your ally. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from China. Despite its name, Picasso jasper isn’t jasper. It’s a metamorphic limestone...
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  • Green Aventurine Christmas Tree Ornament

    for abundance

    Enliven your holiday decor and invite abundance into your home with this enchanting Green Aventurine Christmas Tree Ornament! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from China. Not only is it gorgeous - it brings a powerful infusion of...
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  • Magic Perfume

    for wisdom and transformation

    My Magic Perfume was originally made almost ten years ago. After all this time and numerous requests, I have remade it with the exact original ingredients AND the original bottle! A limited release of an OG Sage Goddess classic, one final time, for all who...
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  • Mushroom Magic Mist

    for going down the rabbit hole

    We’ve transformed our popular Mushroom Magic Perfume into Mushroom Magic Mist! Mushroom Magic Perfume was originally part of my Ostara White Rabbit Set, and this blend of oils definitely takes you down the rabbit hole. Plus, it smells amazing. This mist has notes of labdanum,...
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  • Lotus and Leaf Incense Burner

    for growth and renewal

    Infuse your smudging practices with the energy of renewal and revival with this gorgeous Lotus and Leaf Incense Burner. This incense burner is perfect for your favorite Sage Goddess incense sticks and not only energetically lightens your space, but brings soothing and lifted vibrations. This...
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