• Polished Phantom Quartz for amplified spirit connection and wisdom

    $ 4.00$ 14.00
    If you want to connect more deeply with Source and communicate with your angels and guides more powerfully, then this Polished Phantom Quartz will be your ally. Phantom quartz occurs when a ‘phantom,’ or ghost point outline, is visible within a solid quartz point. This...
  • The 7 Gods of Good Fortune Clear Quartz Carvings

    $ 34.00
    In what areas in your life are you desiring greater luck? Love and relationships? Finances? Career and service? Self-acceptance? The 7 Gods of Good Fortune Clear Quartz Carvings will bring some favor and victory to the areas that mean the most to you. The Seven...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Clear Quartz Eggs to intensify your magical vibrations

    $ 36.00
    These gorgeous Clear Quartz Eggs are for any person who desires to experience greater expansion and new beginnings in your life. Clear quartz is the most versatile and sought-after crystal on the planet. It’s healing and magnifying and amplifies your intentions, goals, and desires. In...
  • Tucson Unpacking: Sunset Aura Beta Quartz for energetic attunement

    $ 11.00
    This Sunset Aura Beta Quartz is one of the rarest items we brought back with us from the Tucson Gem Show! These crystals are naturally double-terminated and 12-sided for power-packed magic. Sunset Aura Beta Quartz helps with DNA healing and re-tuning. I recommend that you...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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