• Wise Healer Eudialyte Ring

    for overall well-being

    $ 69.00$ 79.00
    Wholeness is here with this Wise Healer Eudialyte Ring from India. This .925 sterling silver adjustable ring was custom-made for Sage Goddess and stamped with the SG logo. Each stone shape is unique so please allow my team to intuitively choose the ring meant for...
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  • Eudialyte Self-Healing Double Terminated Wand

    for total support

    $ 69.00$ 89.00
    Powerful support is available to you with this Eudialyte Self-Healing Double Terminated Wand from Russia. Eudialyte is a stone I have used for years in my own healing work. I began working with it when I was having central nervous system (CNS) issues and a...
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