• Malachite Stalactite Slice

      for feminine healing

      Tap into powerful healing energies and embrace the Divine Feminine with this gorgeous Malachite Stalactite Slice. This gemstone is prized for its vibrant green color and spiral growth patterns. Malachite is the most potent stone for feminine healing. It’s a Heart Chakra powerhouse that aids...
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    • Tumbled Malachite Crystal

      for empowerment of feminine energies

      <p>Welcome in deep healing with this Tumbled Malachite Crystal. This stone is prized greatly by healers, especially those who work on issues of women’s health.</p>
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    • Not Your Mother’s Holy Cow Amazonite Generator

      that's not just Amazonite read this listing

      Look what’s BACK! Get ready to have your mind blown again! This Not Your Mother’s Holy Cow Amazonite Generator that’s not just amazonite is SUPER special. My team originally searched high and low to find this unique generator that includes so many interesting inclusions. We...
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    • Tumbled K2

      for psychic vision and deep healing

      Open a gateway to tremendous healing and wellness with this Tumbled K2 from Pakistan! K2 stone is a relatively new introduction to the metaphysical community, but energy workers all around the world are running to work with it. It’s a powerhouse combination of granite, azurite,...
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