• Tumbled Crinoid Fossil

      for grounding & inner stability

      $1.52 with coupon code
      <p>Tumbled Crinoid Fossil is your offering! Crinoid fossils are incredibly grounding and great to work with during meditation. Not only can they help transmute negative energy, but they also help you to release guilt from karma or actions in a past life.</p>
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    • Tucson Finds: Fossilized Palm Root Massage Wand

      $30.40 - $41.80 with coupon code
      Gentle Grounding Indonesian Fossilized Palm Root Massage Wand Anchor yourself to Mother Earth with this Gentle Grounding Indonesian Fossilized Palm Root Massage Wand. We found this exclusive offering at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and I can’t wait for you to experience its magic!...
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    • Tumbled Agatized Coral

      for harnessing ancient energies

      $2.09 with coupon code
      Harness the ancient energies of earth and sea with this Tumbled Agatized Coral. Agatized coral, also known as fossilized coral, forms when agate, a form of chalcedony, replaces the minerals in coral. This fossilized stone was once a living, breathing sea creature – and now,...
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    • Tumbled Evergreen Jasper for nurturing your heart and Earth healing

      $2.28 with coupon code
      Harness the beautiful, healing energy of the lush, green forests with this Tumbled Evergreen Jasper. Evergreen jasper is a rare stone that comes from only two mines in the United States, both near great mountainous regions where the fir, pine, and cedar energy is strong....
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