• Radical Compassion Rhodonite Dodecahedron

      $24.82 with coupon code
      Fill your heart with kindness and empathy with this Radical Compassion Rhodonite Dodecahedron. Rhodonite is a gentle stone of compassion that opens your heart and mind to tenderness and selfless actions. The dodecahedron is a three-dimensional shape associated with the element of space, or ether,...
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    • Shungite Sacred Geometry Set

      for universal purification

      $28.47 with coupon code
      Discover the deep mysteries of the universe while purifying your space with this NEW Shungite Sacred Geometry Set! The stone for this set was sourced from Russia. Shungite is almost pure carbon, which is a master healer. It’s the most powerful energetic filter, and if...
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    • Dragonstone Dodecahedron

      for personal power and universal connection

      $27.01 with coupon code
      Open and activate some deep wisdom and magic with this Dragonstone Dodecahedron from India, custom made for SG. Dragonstone is a potent problem-solving and manifestation tool that enhances fortitude and vitality. It’s a stone of personal power and perception, helping you to see what’s before...
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