• Tibetan Trinity Tourmaline

    for manifestation and protection

    The energy of this Tibetan Trinity Tourmaline from India is unbelievably special. This offering is SO rare - we’ve never had black tourmaline from this region before - the Himalayan mountains. This area is incredibly difficult to mine because of the challenges in carrying equipment...
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  • Chrysocolla in Black Tourmaline Heart

    for divine truth

    Do you desire to speak with greater freedom, wisdom, and from a space of divine love? If so, this Chrysocolla in Black Tourmaline Heart from India is for you. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Chrysocolla represents the union of the Divine Masculine...
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  • Titanium Aura Black Tourmaline

    for divine strength

    Courage and protection? Now that sounds like a treat! And that’s exactly what this Titanium Aura Black Tourmaline symbolizes. Black tourmaline is THE most protective stone you can work with. It’s a Root Chakra gem of divine and psychic protection that creates an energetic shield...
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  • Larimar: Small Tumbled

    for clarity, truth, and ancient wisdom

    You’ll never get lost when you work with this Tumbled Larimar! Larimar is called the “Atlantis Stone” because it holds the ancient wisdom of this sunken city. Also referred to as the “rare blue stone of Atlantis,” larimar is an activator of divine wisdom. Atlantis...
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  • Alchemy Plus Double Terminated Black Tourmaline Wand

    for transmutation

    Transmute ALL THE THINGS that no longer serve you and your highest good. This Alchemy Plus Double Terminated Black Tourmaline Wand from India is here to help you do just that and more! This AWESOME wand is similar to the older alchemist wand we offered,...
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  • Orchid Calcite: Large Tumbled

    for passion, grounding, and vibrancy

    This Tumbled Orchid Calcite is radiating with extraordinary energies of passion, creativity, grounding, and inspiration. This gem is a combination of two powerhouse crystals: Orange calcite and black tourmaline, which makes for a protective yet surprisingly sensual stone. Orange calcite will arouse your saucy, come-hither...
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  • Medium Tumbled Blue Agate

    for divine wisdom and vision

    Receive divine wisdom and activate your Third Eye with this Medium Tumbled Blue Agate. Blue agate is authentic agate dyed blue for a layer of color magic. It activates the Third Eye Chakra for enhanced intuition, psychic ability, and vision. Blue agate also invokes divine...
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  • Divine Wisdom Larimar Bra Stone

    for empowering truth

    Empower yourself to speak your truth with this Divine Wisdom Larimar Bra Stone. Larimar is a powerful activator of the Throat Chakra, bringing clarity and truth to your communication. It soothes tempers, fears, and stress, and dissolves negativity. This stone guides you to speak openly...
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  • Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz Sphere

    for safeguarding

    If safety and security are what you seek, then this Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz Sphere is your offering! This sphere is just beautiful. Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that when together, as in this sphere, magnify their shielding power....
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  • Atlantean Wisdom Larimar Bracelet

    for accessing ancient knowledge

    Connect with deep ancient knowledge with this Atlantean Wisdom Larimar Bracelet. This stretchy bracelet features beautiful larimar chip stones. Larimar is a stone of wisdom, truth, and empowerment. It’s referred to as the “rare blue stone of Atlantis” and is an activator of divine wisdom....
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  • Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz for amplified protection and grounding

    Desiring greater protection? This Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz is for you. Tourmalinated quartz combines two powerhouse crystals - black tourmaline and clear quartz - in one piece. It deepens and expands the area of safety, serving as a buffer that keeps out unwanted and negative experiences,...
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  • Super Seven Master Healer Points for emotional balance and wisdom

    Is your Crown Chakra blocked? Are you feeling uneasy or stressed? If so, these Super Seven Master Healer Points are the medicine you need! Super Seven, also known as Melody Stone, is a very spiritual crystal that contains the power of seven sacred stones: Amethyst,...
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