• Lapis Lazuli Astrology Dice

      for divining with confidence

      <p>Work with these Lapis Lazuli Astrology Dice as a divination tool or meditation companion. Allow them to activate your Third Eye Chakra for greater insight into the mysterious journeys ahead.</p>
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    • Petrified Wood Rune Dice for ancestral wisdom and divination work

      What message does the universe have in store for you? These Petrified Wood Rune Dice will help you to discern it! These are beautifully-faceted petrified wood pieces with the 24 runes engraved – one on each side. Petrified wood is a member of the quartz...
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    • Lepidolite, Sodalite, and Amethyst Peace Rune Set

      Divine your way into some deep rest and tranquil dreams with this Lepidolite, Sodalite, and Amethyst Peace Rune Set from India. This rune set was custom-made just for SG and features three gems: Lepidolite, sodalite, and amethyst. Lepidolite forms an energetic barrier against negativity, dissipating...
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    • Rune Casting Divination Mat

      for your favorite divination tool

      This Rune Casting Divination Mat is the perfect companion to your favorite set of runes! Originally a part of the New Moon Divination Magic: Rune Set, this mat is now available on its own. It was created with custom SG artwork and printed right here...
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