• Copper and Angel Aura Clear Quartz Wind Spinner

      for positive vibes

      $33.44 with coupon code
      <p>This custom-made wind spinner harnesses the power of the wind to create three-dimensional ‘moving art.’ It features a spinning copper spiral with a golden-colored finish for positive energy flow.</p>
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    • Wooden Ganesha Wall Decor

      for blessings & success

      $20.52 with coupon code
      <p>This custom-made offering features a mesmerizing mandala pattern surrounding the figure of Ganesha, all cut out of durable laminated wood. It comes with an intuitively chosen sari silk ribbon to hang on your wall.</p>
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    • Angel Aura Glass Skull Jar

      for shadow integration

      $11.40 with coupon code
      If you’re looking for a crystal tool to support shadow work, this custom-made Angel Aura Glass Skull Jar is your offering. Angel aura is a treatment of platinum, silver, and gold bonded to a gem – in this piece, to glass. Angel aura’s iridescent reflection...
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    • Blingy Moon Wind Chime

      for healing and serenity

      $20.52 with coupon code
      Harness the healing power of sound and fill your space with serene lunar vibrations with this Blingy Moon Wind Chime! This wind chime was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from iron with glass bead accents that catch the light, creating shimmering reflections wherever it’s placed....
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