• “Crystalpedia” with Signed Bookplate by Dr. Athena Perrakis

      I’m beyond excited to introduce my newest book, “Crystalpedia” — and this one has a very special addition. I’ll be including a round sticker with each copy, personally hand-signed, before sending it to you! This gorgeous paperback book provides essential information on the profound healing...
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    • Crystalpedia Gemstone Sticker Pack

      to deepen crystal wisdom

      <p>This pack features 48 new full-color stickers. Each one showcases a different stone from “Crystalpedia,” my A-to-Z compendium of mineral wisdom with over 180 gemstones.</p>
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    • Crystalpedia July 2023 Tools: Double Terminated Kunzite Pendant

      for emotional healing

      If you missed out on our July 2023 Crystalpedia Tools, now’s your chance to get in on the magic with this Double Terminated Kunzite Pendant! This custom-made pendant features a naturally double-terminated kunzite point and is crafted with .925 sterling silver with a unique hammered...
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    • Crystalpedia April 2023 Tools: Flower Agate Quan Yin

      for compassion

      If you missed your April 2023 Crystalpedia tools, you can still get in on the magic with this Flower Agate Quan Yin, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Flower agate promotes peace and stress management enabling you to filter through fear, clearing the path to grow...
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    • Crystalpedia February 2023 Tools: Mini Athame Set

      If you missed out on your February 2023 Crystalpedia tools, you can still get in on the magic with this Mini Athame Set! This set includes a trio of custom-made crystal athames for cord maintenance — rose quartz to strengthen healthy connections, selenite to maintain...
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