• Tucson Finds: Natural Moldavite Crystal

      for cosmic evolution

      <p>Moldavite crystal contains meteoric material, so it holds extraterrestrial wisdom. It’s one of the BEST crystals for elevating human consciousness. Work with this piece to expedite your soul’s development and evolution.</p>
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    • Flying Free Bismuth Hummingbird

      for soaring to other worlds

      Spread your wings and soar to other worlds with this Flying Free Bismuth Hummingbird! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess to coincide with our logo for Living Magic 2023. Bismuth is a naturally occurring metalloid on the periodic table, but it gains its...
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    • Natural Brazilian Green Diopside in Quartz

      for healing

      This Natural Brazilian Green Diopside in Quartz is a powerful source of healing, balance, and sacred Earth connection. Diopside is an Earth Star, Root, and Heart Chakra-activating stone that links you with the natural world, connecting your spirit with the heart of Gaia. This gem...
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    • Aqua Aura Selenite Wand

      for clear communication

      Feel empowered and free to speak from your heart with this gorgeous Aqua Aura Selenite Wand. Aqua aura selenite is created when selenite is bonded with gold, resulting in its gorgeous blue hue and bringing auric purification, healing, and renewed vitality. Selenite is a sweet,...
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    • Transform Your Life Smithsonite Pendant

      Navigating life changes and in search of support? This .925 sterling silver Transform Your Life Smithsonite Pendant is for you. I found this piece at the Denver Gem Show, and I’m so excited to finally offer it in the shop. This offering also includes a...
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    • Tumbled Blue Topaz

      for healing and clarity

      It’s finally back in the shop! If you’re seeking clarity and deep emotional healing, this Tumbled Blue Topaz is the offering for you. Blue topaz starts out colorless, and goes through a process called irradiation – natural gamma rays from the surrounding environment interacted with...
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    • Tumbled Selenite

      for purification and divine connection

      This Tumbled Selenite from Morocco is a gentle yet potent crystal that will purify and lighten your mood and environment. Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power. This gypsum gem is a sweet, radiant, and...
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    • Tumbled Smoky Citrine

      for manifesting your dreams

      Manifest your dreams with this stunning Tumbled Smoky Citrine from Zambia, Africa. Smoky citrine is a blend of smoky quartz and citrine – two crystals I consider crucial to any collection. This gem absorbs negative energy, clearing and purifying the aura, and draws money magic,...
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    • Tumbled Purpurite

      for freedom and spiritual development

      This Tumbled Purpurite from South Africa is a crystal of freedom and spiritual development. Purpurite is a vibrant gem that inspires you to break free of negative patterns and learn to love the unknown. It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, strengthening spiritual vision...
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    • Red Aventurine: Small Tumbled

      for perseverance and mental alertness

      Get ready and stay ready with this Tumbled Red Aventurine! If you need to get through something tough - staying alert and determined, red aventurine is your ally. Red aventurine is your “can-do” stone and clears trauma and releases stored toxins. It’s also regenerating, strengthening,...
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    • Joy and Wonder Hummingbird Zircon Necklace

      Take flight into a state of happiness and curiosity with this NEW Joy and Wonder Hummingbird Zircon Necklace. This gorgeous piece features a flower and a hummingbird design embellished with green and yellow zircon sourced from China. This 2-tone silver and golden-colored metal alloy pendant...
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    • Natural Blue Barite

      for spiritual exploration

      Get ready to explore realms beyond our own with this Natural Blue Barite from Morocco. This gem is an immensely powerful tool for healing, journeying, and connecting with the higher realms. Barite activates the upper chakras and is said to originate from Atlantis. I call...
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    • Blue Aventurine Intuitive Insight Pendulum

      Invoke the answers that lie within with this NEW Blue Aventurine Intuitive Insight Pendulum. The blue aventurine for this pendulum was sourced from India. This pendulum features a blue aventurine with six facets, and on the opposite end of the silver-color plated copper chain is...
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    • White Light Freeform Selenite

      for radiant positivity

      Add pure, positive energy to your space with this beautiful White Light Freeform Selenite! This natural freeform stone was sourced from Zambia and is your perfect ally to bring joyful vibes into your space. Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light,...
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    • Natural Chilean Chrysocolla

      for communication

      If you need help finding your voice in the world, this Natural Chilean Chrysocolla is your gem. Chrysocolla activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication. It also embodies the intelligence and strength of the one and only Cleopatra. She used it as her diplomatic talisman,...
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    • Double Terminated Green Actinolite Psychic Protection Wand

      Shield yourself as you do your healing work with this Double Terminated Green Actinolite Psychic Protection Wand, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Actinolite is the most powerful mineral for psychic protection that you can work with next to aegirine. It is known for preventing psychic...
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