• Tumbled Pink Purple Thulite: Small

    for nurturing

    If you’re looking for a deep, gentle love to radiate throughout your life, this Tumbled Pink Purple Thulite from Namibia, Africa, is for you. Pink purple thulite, also known as pink zoisite, helps you see the goodness in yourself, others, and the world at large....
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  • Natural Morganite

    to feel worthy of love

    You deserve all the love in the world and this Natural Morganite from Pakistan is here to help you remember just that. Morganite is queen of the love stones and the MOST powerful stone for love! It’s a crystal of sovereignty and compassion that vibrates...
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  • Tumbled Pink Chalcedony

    for heart healing

    Have compassion for yourself and others as you heal with this Tumbled Pink Chalcedony. Pink chalcedony brings healing to the heart center and helps release negativity. It gives you the strength to face past wounds and let go of your emotional attachments. Tumbled stones are...
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  • Double Terminated Compassion Stone Wand

    for healing

    Invite emotional healing with this amazing Double Terminated Compassion Stone Wand from China! We offered this gemstone before in generator form, and now you can experience it in this double-terminated version. I discovered this stone and ordered two pieces for my Quan Yin altar but...
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  • Tumbled Pink Mangano Calcite

    for heart healing

    Invite in heart-healing energies with this pretty Tumbled Pink Mangano Calcite from Pakistan. Pink mangano calcite carries tender energies that help heal the inner child and a broken heart. It reconnects you with lost or hidden parts of your spirit and aids in trauma recovery....
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  • Heart Healing Faceted Chrysoprase

    for peace

    Do you feel called to heal and love at greater levels? If so, then this Heart Healing Faceted Chrysoprase is the medicine your heart needs. This beautiful 3-dimensional faceted oval-shaped gem is from India and is a perfect piece to add to your crystal grids....
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  • Compassion Stone Generator

    for emotional healing

    I’m beyond thrilled to offer you this Compassion Stone Generator! This incredible crystal is very difficult to find. I discovered this stone and ordered two pieces for my Quan Yin altar and then gave up on getting it for the shop. That is until now!...
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  • Natural Green Sapphire with Golden Sapphire Inclusions

    Open your heart to abundance with this Natural Green Sapphire with Golden Sapphire Inclusions from Pakistan! Green sapphire is a Heart Chakra gem that brings wisdom, loyalty, and integrity. The golden sapphire inclusions add energies of empowerment and help you tap into your inner fortitude...
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  • Brecciated Chrysoprase Heart Healing Generator

    for emotional support

    This Brecciated Chrysoprase Heart Healing Generator from China is a beautiful and soothing tool that will lend emotional support and assist you in mending your heart. Brecciated chrysoprase is chrysoprase with fragmented pieces that are cemented or tumbled together. You can see the beautiful fragments...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Blue Tanzanite Crystal

    for spiritual alchemy

    Support your process of spiritual alchemy with this stunning Blue Tanzanite Crystal! This exclusive premium quality gem is part of our FIRST-EVER Sage Goddess Online Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! Tanzanite is a stone of spiritual protection, alchemy, transformation, manifestation, and inspiration. It’s a powerful...
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  • Chrysoprase Bra Stone

    to heal and connect to compassion and love

    Heal and keep an open heart (near your heart!) with this Chrysoprase Bra Stone. Chrysoprase is a Heart Chakra crystal that connects you with compassion and love. It centers you in peace and helps you to heal old love wounds. Chrysoprase is like a gemstone...
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  • Egyptian Love Power Pillar

    for a compassionate change of heart

    Open your heart to more compassion and joy with this Egyptian Love Power Pillar. This limited edition obelisk is next in a line of gorgeous collectible Egyptian Power Pillars, custom-made for SG. This obelisk is carved from pink opal, a tranquil gem full of loving...
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