• Green Zebradorite Sphere

      for transmuting low vibrations

      <p>Green zebradorite is a form of feldspar quartz that holds inclusions of amazonite. It opens channels of communication, soothes the heart, and calms the spirit, offering peace in stressful times.</p>
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    • Gold Copal Resin

      for purification and renewal

      Feel purified and rejuvenated with this Gold Copal Resin. Also known as young amber, copal resin carries all the light, uplifting, and bright energy of youth with the healing and purifying properties of amber. Resin is hardened sap that, when burned, emits an enchantingly earthy...
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    • Intention Engraved Palo Santo Trio

      for love, abundance, and peace

      <p>Each stick features an engraving of a simple intention: Love, abundance, and peace. Hold that intention at the front of your mind as you smudge with this offering, even repeating it out loud as you cleanse if you feel called.</p>
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    • Palo Santo & Sweetgrass Perfume

      for clearing

      <p>Our palo santo is sourced from Peru and provides powerful purification of both the physical and energetic bodies. Sweetgrass attracts positive energy and good spirits. Anoint yourself with this ceremonial blend to clear out negative energies.</p>
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    • Mayan Copal Incense Sticks

      for sacred clearing

      <p>These incense sticks were handcrafted in Mexico with copal resin — the real deal. Copal is native to Mexico and Central America and is considered the ‘blood of trees.’ Burn these incense sticks to purify, protect, and renew yourself and your space.</p>
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    • Medicine Space Intention Candle

      for healing and protection

      <p>Whether you’re performing healing work for others or simply in need of rejuvenation and support, my Medicine Space Intention Candle is the offering for you. This candle contains my Medicine Space Perfume.</p>
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    • Attract Intention Candle

      for manifestation & taking action

      <p>This candle aligns with the first-quarter phase of the Moon — when she is half full. This halfway mark in the sky reflects our own process of actualizing intentions.</p>
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    • Brigid’s Flame Beeswax Intention Candle

      to bring light to the darkness

      <p>This candle honors Brigid, the Celtic goddess who reigns over the hearth and home and is known as the Keeper of the Sacred Flame. Light this candle to make your invocation of hope to Brigid, ignite your inner fire, and illuminate your home with anticipation.</p>
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    • Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

      for grounding & transmutation

      <p>Grounding. Protection. Transmutation. That’s the deep magic this Smoky Quartz Palm Stone brings. This stone is a talisman of purification that keeps energetic agents at bay and realigns any aspect of your life that may be out of balance.</p>
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    • Silver Aura Kyanite Pendant

      for Divine Feminine power

      <p>This offering features a black kyanite spear dipped in silver, making a powerful talisman to awaken your feminine power. Black kyanite supports and grounds you — it’s instantly clearing, purifying, and energizing. The silver aura treatment adds a layer of Moon magic and protection.</p>
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    • Shungite Pyramid

      for purity & protection

      <p>Shungite is almost pure carbon, which is a master healer. It’s the most powerful energetic filter. When carved into the shape of a pyramid, this stone becomes an even more powerful purifier.</p>
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    • Love Infusion Intention Tea Lights

      to open your heart

      <p>My Love Infusion Intention Tea Lights are ready to ignite the flame of love and illuminate your space with heart-centered energy. We hand-poured these candles right here at SG with notes of rose, amber, cinnamon, honey, jasmine, and violet.</p>
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    • Prayer for Peace Intention Candle

      for compassion & protection

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">If you’re looking for a candle dedicated only to peace for yourself & the world, made from the purest ingredients, you have found it here. Poured at SG with love & pure magic, this candle will be your new favorite for calm, centered & balanced wellness within and without.</span></p>
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    • Sacred Space Incense Cones

      for clearing & high vibrations

      <p>Sacred Space is a beautiful blend that helps raise the vibration around special places and spaces in your home or wherever you practice your magical work. We infused these incense cones with the same ingredients you know and love — mugwort, patchouli, white sage, and balsam de Peru.</p>
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    • Candle Crafting Set to Embody Love

      and open your heart

      <p>As you create a one-of-a-kind candle that’s all your own, you’ll be infusing it with heart-centered energies to call in the loving connection you seek. Work with this set to wrap yourself in the kindness and compassion you deserve.</p>
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    • Heart Chakra Rose Quartz Incense Holder with Pink Lotus Incense Sticks

      for everlasting love

      <p>This incense holder was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from rose quartz, the stone of universal love. You will also receive my Pink Lotus Incense Sticks, handcrafted right here at SG Headquarters. We infused these sticks with my Pink Lotus Perfume.</p>
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