• Pan Protection Tools

    for grounding and security

    Safeguard yourself and your space with these Pan Protection Tools. This set was designed to protect you from anything and everything that doesn’t serve your highest good – in fact, “pan” literally means “all.” Everyone is vulnerable to the energies of others, particularly empaths and...
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  • Clearing Selenite Mandala Obelisk

    to raise the vibe

    Purify and raise the energy in your space with this NEW Clearing Selenite Mandala Obelisk. This gorgeous piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Morocco. It’s printed with a beautiful mandala design, invoking wholeness and cosmic connection. Selenite is a...
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  • Black Obsidian Energetic Extractor

    to release and ground

    If you’re looking for a tool to help you move and remove energy AND ground and protect you, this Black Obsidian Energetic Extractor is for you! This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone for this carving was sourced from Mexico. This...
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  • Orange Selenite Bowl with Christmas Gemstone Candies

    Infuse your holidays with creative inspiration, magic, and beauty with this NEW Orange Selenite Bowl with Christmas Gemstone Candies! This fun offering comes with an orange selenite bowl and six intuitively chosen gemstone candies. The crystal candies you may receive include: Amethyst for peace, black...
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  • Golden Buddha Incense Burner

    for compassion

    You asked and now this Golden Buddha Incense Burner is BACK! This special incense burner was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and welcomes compassion and universal oneness to your space. It’s made of resin with a golden finish and features a carving of the Buddha...
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  • Angelic Clearing Shungite Wand

    for celestial energy work

    Invite powerful celestial influences to help you filter and direct energy with this NEW Angelic Clearing Shungite Wand. This wand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Russia. It is single-terminated to direct energy accurately and is topped with a...
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  • Soul Shift Exclusive: Divine Masters Elder Council Incense Sticks

    for guidance

    Channel higher realms and clear the way to transformative spiritual guidance with my NEW Divine Masters Elder Council Incense Sticks. You loved my Divine Masters Elder Council Perfume so much, I decided to make it into incense! Elder Council is a meditation that I lead...
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  • Cordierite in Smoky Quartz and Hematite Double Terminated Wand

    for foresight

    What’s ahead for you? How are you preparing for what’s to come? This Cordierite in Smoky Quartz and Hematite Double Terminated Wand is here to help you see into the future and properly prepare for it. The stone for this super-special offering was sourced from...
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  • Kundalini Intention Candle

    for passion and pleasure

    Arouse your deepest sensuality with my Kundalini Intention Candle. This candle is lovingly hand-poured here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a kundalini-red soy blend and anointed with my Pleasure Energetic Elixir perfume - with notes of cacao absolute, ylang ylang, damiana, jasmine, sage absolute, and...
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  • Dragon’s Blood Smudge Bundle

    for clearing and protection magic

    This Dragon's Blood Smudge Bundle is an essential tool for clearing low vibrations and stuck energies. It’s also protective, healing, and strengthening! This smudge bundle is truly exquisite and unique. This gorgeous bundle is made from white sage that has been treated with dragon’s blood...
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  • Elemental Ceremonial Chime

    for sound meditation

    It’s BACK! Bring harmony and soothing sounds to your meditations and rituals with this Elemental Ceremonial Chime. This indoor musical tool was custom-made for Sage Goddess and is a powerful addition to your spiritual and sound healing work. It’s crafted with bamboo and features eight...
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  • Jesus Intention Candle

    for divine love and faith

    My Jesus Intention Candle is BACK and is now hand-poured to infuse your mind, body, and spirit with divine love. This candle was lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a golden-colored soy wax blend and my Jesus Perfume, including notes of cypress...
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  • Winter Magic Incense Blend

    for seasonal enchantment

    Infuse your home with fragrant, seasonal enchantment with my Winter Magic Incense Blend, lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This beautiful loose incense blend harnesses the power of sacred wise trees and gifts of the wise men with myrrh, white sage leaf, red...
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  • Follow Your North Star Altar Set

    for inner wisdom

    Channel peace, certainty, and the inner wisdom of the Magi with this NEW Follow Your North Star Altar Set. Do you know the story of the Three Wise Men? In the Gospel of Matthew, the Three Wise Men, or Magi, traveled from the East to...
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  • Hanging Mountain Incense Burner

    for clearing your path

    Cleanse and clear your spiritual pathway with this Hanging Mountain Incense Burner. This offering is NEW to Sage Goddess, and I’m so excited to share it with you! This hanging incense burner is made of ceramic and depicts a mountain range. It features small holes...
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  • Red Aventurine Hexagonal Gridding Plate

    to amplify energy

    Does the busy holiday season have you feeling frazzled? Do you need some of that ‘can-do’ energy? This Red Aventurine Hexagonal Gridding Plate is here to help! The stone for this energizing carving is from India. Red aventurine is a Root Chakra stone that also...
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