• Moon Magic Agate Pendulum Plate with Quartz Pendulum

    This Moon Magic Agate Pendulum Plate with Quartz Pendulum from India is here to help you harness the energy of La Luna and divine the answers you need! This offering features a beautiful agate plate printed with custom-SG Sun, Moon, and moon phase artwork as...
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  • Super-Sized Clear Quartz Pendulum

    for divination power

    Get ready for BIG messages with this Super-Sized Clear Quartz Pendulum! This JUMBO pendulum is here and ready to point you in the right direction. It features a Brazilian clear quartz cut pendulum and a faceted sphere on the end of the chain for clear,...
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  • Athena’s Magical Quartz Pendulum

    for amplifying psychic abilities

    Get ready to swing into action again with Athena’s Magical Quartz Pendulum! This pendulum is so powerful (and popular!), I had to bring it back. This faceted clear quartz pendulum is set in an intricate .925 sterling silver frame and it’s filled with crystal magic!...
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  • Double Terminated Clear Quartz and Lapis Pendulums for confident clarity

    Find clarity, confidence, and insight with these Double Terminated Clear Quartz and Lapis Pendulums! This gorgeous pendulum features a double-terminated clear quartz stone with a lapiz lazuli cabochon sitting above it. Double-terminated stones are channeling tools with points on both ends, perfect for sending and...
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  • Skull and Gemstone Pendulums to guide you on your path

    These Skull and Gemstone Pendulums hold so much ancient wisdom and are ready to help answer your questions. Carved from either rose quartz or clear quartz, each pendulum features a garnet on the front - a stone for grounding your dreams and manifesting your desires,...
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