• Lemurian Blue Calcite Sphere

      for deep wisdom & peace

      <p>Lemurian blue calcite is a magical gem that brings happiness and peace and connects to both water and earth energies. It opens and activates the Throat Chakra to promote clear, optimistic, and peaceful communication in this dimension and with others.</p>
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    • Morganite & Aquamarine Necklace

      for love & emotional healing

      <p>Each of its faceted morganite and aquamarine beads is laden with healing magic, secured with a.925 sterling silver clasp. Wear this potent necklace as a reminder that your emotions and feelings are valid and that you deserve to love and feel good.</p>
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    • Larimar Wisdom Mini Sphere

      for ancient knowledge

      Call forth the ancient knowledge and power of the sea with this Larimar Wisdom Mini Sphere. Larimar is a gorgeous blue stone found in one place in the world — in the Dominican Republic, making it an incredibly unique stone. It’s a type of pectolite...
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    • Chrysocolla with Black Tourmaline Sphere

      for safe communication

      Clear the way to pristine and uncompromised communication with this Chrysocolla with Black Tourmaline Sphere. The stone for this beautiful offering was sourced from India. Chrysocolla activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication and helps you find your voice in the world. It also embodies...
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    • Natural Chilean Chrysocolla

      for communication

      If you need help finding your voice in the world, this Natural Chilean Chrysocolla is your gem. Chrysocolla activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication. It also embodies the intelligence and strength of the one and only Cleopatra. She used it as her diplomatic talisman,...
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    • Mini Amazonite Communication Heart

      to speak with clarity

      If you have something to say, go ahead and say it with this Mini Amazonite Communication Heart. The stone for this gorgeous piece was sourced from China. Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy. Its magic opens up the Throat Chakra, heals communication patterns, and soothes...
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    • Natural Himalayan Aquamarine

      for emotional healing

      Open the door to emotional healing with this Natural Himalayan Aquamarine from India. Most aquamarine you see comes from other countries like Brazil - but this stone brings a different energy. Because it comes from the Himalayan Mountains, it carries the energetic vibration of the...
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