• Go-Squito Citronella Intention Candle

      for protection

      <p>This candle is made with natural oils and contains notes of citronella for purification and repelling insects, cedarwood for grounding, tagetes for clarity, eucalyptus for energetic balance, juniper for protection, lemongrass for revitalization, and lavender for wellness.</p>
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    • Go-Squito Mist and Intention Candle Duo

      for a pest-free summer

      We all love summer, but one thing is for sure — we don’t love the bugs. My Go-Squito Mist and Intention Candle Duo is an all-natural solution to keep those pests away! This duo was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and comes with...
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    • Cord Maintenance Perfume Duo

      for healthy relationships

      Within every relationship, even the healthiest connections, energetic cords are formed — and they need to be maintained. Keeping your relationships clean and full of good energy is easier than ever with this Cord Maintenance Perfume Duo! This offering comes with one Cord Narrowing Perfume...
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