• Copper, Cuprite & Chrysocolla Charging Plate

      for restoring & balancing energy

      <p>This plate features a natural combination of copper ores — cuprite and chrysocolla. The red cuprite and blue-green chrysocolla are punctuated by rivers of actual copper, making this a potent offering for moving, clearing, and balancing energy.</p>
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    • Pink Amethyst with Flower Agate Gridding Plate

      for peace & positivity

      <p>Pink amethyst is a rare version of amethyst. It has the same peaceful vibration and extra emphasis on love, healing, and patience. Flower agate is a stone of tranquility and balance that helps you ‘blossom’ into your full potential.</p>
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    • Golden Lunar Magic Selenite Charging Plate

      for purification

      <p>This selenite plate showcases stunning imagery in golden foil. It depicts the Moon adorned with a floral motif and a cluster of crystals. Place this charging plate on your altar to purify your tools and fill your space with radiant feminine energy.</p>
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    • Strawberry Quartz Charging Plate

      for joyful living & optimism

      <p>This charging plate is full of tender, soothing magic to help you relax and look on the bright side of life. Strawberry quartz inspires you to live joyfully and purposefully in the now.</p>
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    • Selenite Flower Charging Plate

      for cleansing your treasures

      <p>Selenite is a sweet, potent crystal that purifies spaces and raises the vibration. It radiates peace, pure white light, moon magic, and beauty. Add this charging plate to your collection to imbue your treasures with selenite and the flower’s cleansing, soothing vibrations.</p>
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    • Lemurian Blue Calcite Charging Plate

      for harmonizing & healing

      <p>Lemurian blue calcite is a magical gem that brings happiness, peace, and past-life wisdom. Place this plate on your altar to surround yourself and your treasures with deep wisdom and peaceful, balancing magic.</p>
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    • Sacred Geometry Quartz Charging Plate

      for creativity & passion

      <p>This gorgeous quartz plate features a hexagon shape and an intricately hand-engraved icosahedron pattern on its surface. At its center sits a round, faceted, heat-treated citrine embedded for a little burst of sunshine.</p>
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    • Selenite Charging Plate

      for clarity & peace

      <p>Selenite is a stone of peace, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power. It purifies spaces, raises surrounding vibrations, and promotes higher realm connection.</p>
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    • Angel Aura Flower Agate Slice

      for divine peace

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Angel aura flower agate is a stone of tranquility, balance, and higher realm connection. Place your favorite small gemstones, jewelry, tea lights, and other tools upon this slice to infuse them with ethereal magic of peace and beauty.</span></p>
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    • Love and Life Force Fuchsite Star Charging Plate

      to heal

      Call upon true love and powerful healing with this Love and Life Force Fuchsite Star Charging Plate, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This beveled charging plate is carved from fuchsite — a life force stone that heals the heart physically and emotionally, readying you for...
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    • Ocean Jasper Charging Plate for Happiness

      and joy

      Add a little joy and positivity to your jewelry and spiritual tools by placing them on this Ocean Jasper Charging Plate for Happiness. Ocean jasper is a favorite among many of my followers, and for good reason — it’s the Happiness Stone. This high-frequency gem...
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    • Triple Moon Black Obsidian Charging Plate

      for protection

      Infuse your gemstones and spiritual tools with the shielding and healing energy of this Triple Moon Black Obsidian Charging Plate. Black obsidian is a powerful, protective, cleansing Earth Star and Root Chakra stone. It forms a shield of protective energy that abates and absorbs negative...
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    • Black Tourmaline Crystal Cat Mini Charging Plate

      for protection

      <p>Infuse your crystals and space with protective vibes with this Black Tourmaline Cat Mini Charging Plate. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess.</p>
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    • Living Magic Selenite Plate for Joy and Peace

      Infuse your practice with the tranquil, purifying energy of the higher realms with this Living Magic Selenite Plate for Joy and Peace! This plate was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is engraved with the logo for SG Living Magic (including the image of a...
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    • Golden Tree of Life Selenite Charging Plate

      for infusing your gemstones

      Infuse your favorite gemstones, tools, and jewelry with the illuminating energy of higher realms with this NEW Golden Tree of Life Selenite Charging Plate. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this selenite charging plate showcases a stunning Tree of Life design in golden foil. Selenite is...
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    • Fluorescent Sodalite Charging Plate

      to illuminate and release

      Illuminate your magical tools with high vibrations and release fears of the unknown with this Fluorescent Sodalite Charging Plate. The stone for this offering was sourced from China. These charging plates are absolutely gorgeous and are naturally cut, so they vary in shape. Fluorescent sodalite...
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