• Pastel Fluorite Sphere

      for healing & soul pathing

      <p>Fluorite comes in various colors, and this pastel sphere is a heavenly blend of light green and soft lavender fluorite in the same stone. Fluorite reveals your life purpose and helps with soul pathing, creating a path for your future aligned with your spiritual gifts and calling.</p>
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    • “I Am the Force of Illumination” Engraved Golden Quartz Charging Plate

      Infuse your tools with this custom-made “I Am the Force of Illumination” Engraved Golden Quartz Charging Plate. Golden quartz is known by another name I can’t say (it’s trademarked), but you collectors know what I’m talking about. This gem is one of the Synergy 12,...
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    • Chrysocolla, Shattuckite, and Malachite Obelisk

      for intuitive wisdom

      Call on diplomacy, clear expression, and intuition with this Chrysocolla, Shattuckite, and Malachite Obelisk! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from China, this obelisk is a stunning natural combination of chrysocolla, shattuckite, and malachite — some pieces may even include quartz, further amplifying...
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    • Cut Through the Confusion Double Terminated Dumortierite Wand

      During times of uncertainty, the best wisdom can be found within - and this Cut Through the Confusion Double Terminated Dumortierite Wand is here to help you access that place of inner knowing. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was...
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    • Double-Terminated Dragonstone Power Wand

      for fortitude

      Are you looking for help around empowerment and gaining the strength and courage to handle situations? If so, this Double-Terminated Dragonstone Power Wand is right up your alley! This wand was custom-made for Sage Goddess and the dragonstone is from China. This offering is a...
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    • Leopardskin Jasper Channeling Palm Stones

      for integrating wisdom

      Deep meditation can lead to the release of powerful messages hidden within you. Learn how to receive and integrate that wisdom with these Leopardskin Jasper Channeling Palm Stones. This is a potent channeling stone that helps you bring the wisdom of spiritual experiences into your...
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    • Priestess of Delphi Autumn Journals for channeling and recording wisdom

      The fall season is a perfect time for reflection. It presents us with a beautiful opportunity to revisit the seeds planted during the spring and see what has come into harvest. These beautiful Priestess of Delphi Autumn Journals are a great space to house your...
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