• Small Rainbow Chakra Smudge Bundle

    to clear and align

    $ 8.00
    Clear out the old and get your energy aligned with the return of this Small Rainbow Chakra Smudge Bundle! This bouquet of healing magic is exquisite, beautifully fragrant, and made fresh from sage, and wrapped with chakra-colored roses. Sage is a sacred herb that’s been...
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  • Chakra Oracle Deck

    to divine your path to healing

    $ 24.00
    When you heal your chakras, you heal your life – for years this has been my motto. I created this Chakra Oracle Deck with the intention to help you achieve greater harmony and flow in your nine main energy centers. I’ve studied the chakra system...
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  • Tumbled Eclipse Stone for possibilities and doing things differently

    $ 3.00
    Are you starting a new job or project? Looking to manifest something in your life that you haven’t before? If so, this Tumbled Eclipse Stone is for you. Eclipses are known for signaling the completion of a cycle and symbolize endings and beginnings. When they...
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  • Athena’s Crystal Healing Basics Video Class and Gem Set

    $ 25.00$ 60.00
    Interested in learning about crystal healing? Feel as though you aren’t quite sure what to do with your stones, or have a calling to amplify your current practice? If so, I invite you to purchase my first ever Crystal Healing Basics Class, with accompanying gem...
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