• Protective Channeling Wands for connecting with both above and below

    $ 34.00$ 54.00
    These Protective Channeling Wands are a combination of quartz, calcite, and hematite, and are powerful tools for activating Earth Star, Root, and Soul Star Chakras. They help you ground and connect with your sense of inner foundation, clear surrounding energies that are not supportive, and...
  • Blue Calcite Bracelets

    $ 12.50
    Qty-1 These Blue Calcite Bracelets will connect you with Lemuria's sunken wisdom, providing happiness, peace, healing water magic and unlocking past life memories. This gem also opens the Heart and Throat Chakras.
  • Tumbled Blue Calcite

    $ 25.00
    Qty- 1 bag Stone Sizes: .75-1" Weight: 1 lb Blue calcite is a talisman of peace, communication, emotional healing and stress relief – and everyone responds well to this loving stone. Blue calcite powerfully soothes the emotional body, clears negative energies, and encourages rest and...
  • Natural Green Calcite for deep healing and cellular renewal

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 12.00
    When I was first learning about magic, my teacher told me that no good witch has an altar without a piece of green calcite on it. This crystal - known as the witch's stone - heals just by sitting in your space, he told me....

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