• Holographic Healing Iris Agate Cabochons for energetic alignment

    $ 29.00$ 39.00
    Iris agate holds such deep magic. It’s like staring directly into a rainbow, and these Holographic Healing Iris Agate Cabochons will mesmerize you. Iris agate displays the entire spectrum of colors when light shines through its very thin bands. It promotes your inner recognition of...
  • Simbircite with Pyrite Cabochons for lower chakra empowerment

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 34.00$ 44.00
    These simbircite with pyrite cabochons are extraordinarily rare and I personally hand-picked every piece, so you can rest assured that each one of these stones is a unique treasure! A lower chakra-stimulating stone, simbircite with pyrite eases fear, soothes and clears the mind, strengthens memory,...
  • Dendritic Agate Cabochons

    $ 42.50
    Qty- 100grams Size and shape will vary Known as the stone of plenitude, Dendritic Agate helps you exist in the present moment, empowering and intensifying the energies of fullness and abundance already within you. Perfect for gridding, crafting and jewelry making.
  • Brecciated Mookaite Cabochons

    $ 100.00
    Qty- 100 grams Size and shape will vary Known as the beauty stone or fountain of youth, Mookaite Jasper promotes graceful and delicate aging and helps keep your skin and soul youthful. Perfect for gridding, crafting and jewelry making.
  • Bloodstone Cabochons

    $ 100.00
    Qty- 100grams Size and shape will vary Bloodstone promotes healing, rejuvenation, endurance, protection, and pain relief. Perfect for gridding, crafting and jewelry making.
  • Rhodochrosite cabochons for healing and opening the heart

    $ 49.00
    Could you use some heart healing and compassion? If so, these gemmy rhodochrosite cabochons are your ally, filled with healing energy. Rhodochrosite is a stone of compassion and enhances self-awareness and self-love. If you need more kindness in your life, rhodochrosite is your medicine gemstone,...
  • Shattuckite cabochons for higher realm connection and crafting

    $ 49.00
    If you’re seeking alignment with the Divine, and intuitive insight for your spiritual journeys, these shattuckite cabochons are for you. These shattuckite cabochons come in different shapes and sizes, but every single one possesses the remarkable intuitive powers that shattuckite is known for. This stone...
  • Bronzite cabochons for releasing what no longer serves you and crafting

    $ 50.00
    Are you having a challenge releasing something or someone you know you must part with? Bronzite is here to support you in that release, helping you navigate life’s transitions with ease and poise. Bronzite is a beautiful stone that teaches us the art of letting...
  • Charoite cabochons for accessing your inner strength and crafting

    $ 49.00
    Are you ready to unleash the warrior within? These juicy charoite cabochons are bursting with unparalleled courage, originality, and transformation. They’re the perfect allies to call up your inner strength as you navigate the multifaceted layers of your transformational journey. These are my offering to...
  • Thulite Cabochons

    $ 100.00
    Qty- 100grams Size and shape will vary Thulite helps bring nurturing and a deeper understanding of love, and can help bring harmony in relationships or communities in turmoil. Additionally, Thulite is said to be beneficial for the central nervous system, enhancing coordination, concentration, and dexterity....
  • Shattuckite Cabochons

    $ 100.00
    Qty- 100grams Size and shape will vary Shattuckite is a channel or medium that allows you to receive information while staying protected and safe. It heals the physical and auric bodies, and helps ground you as it connects you to the upper worlds. Call in...
  • Rhodocrosite Cabochons

    $ 200.00
    Qty- 100grams Size and shape will vary Rhodochrosite brings compassion, helping you to be gentle with yourself and others as you emerge from heartbreak or loss. It helps you to get in touch with your inner child, reminding you that you’re a free, loving being...
  • Lemon Chrysoprase Cabochons

    $ 100.00
    Qty- 100grams Size and shape will vary Chrysoprase is my go-to gemstone for Heart Chakra work. When the Heart Chakra is balanced, you experience blissful feelings of joy, compassion, happiness, and love – not only for others, but for yourself as well. Lemon Chrysoprase heals old...
  • Lapis Lazuli Cabochons

    $ 100.00
    Qty- 100grams Size and shape will vary Cleopatra believed lapis lazuli had magical powers, and indeed even today we consider it the Queen’s Stone. It brings luck, fortune, and a regal sensibility to the bearer. This is truly a gem of confidence, courage, and bold...
  • Chrysocolla cabochons to help you find your voice in the world

    $ 49.00
    Chrysocolla holds such deep magic. It’s like staring into a beautiful green-blue ocean, and these chrysocolla cabochons will mesmerize you. More than any other stone, chrysocolla allows you to express yourself freely, and it helps you channel universal wisdom about your soul path. I’m offering...

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